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Days for Dogs must be short 0

I guess the reason why a single human year equals seven for a dog is because their days are so short.  As for the title, and to quote Wayne's World, "so it's not just a clever name."  This game is terrible.  This game is short.  This game is a waste of money.  You can probably stop reading this review right there and walk away with all you need to know about this game.  I can remember being able to muster through a lot of the gameplay flaws of the last Kane and Lynch just enough to get through i...

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Expansion Pack for a Sequel Price 0

First off, the Crackdown formula from the original game translates well into this title with little nuances of change.  The targeting system that spun me into mini-fits of rage in the last title has not changed a bit.  Looking for orbs has gotten a bit old, but for the achievement faithful the search can still provide a torturous addiction that bears the fruit of a 30G or 40G reward accentuated by the Pavlovian unlock sound.  So plug all these elements into a new character, storyline, and new ci...

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Death Smiled apparently and So Did I 0

I have spent nearly a week dabbling around on this game and have to admit that it possesses some non-simple, unidentifiable element of fun within its nest of flying cow heads, skull orb collecting, pink bullets that may or may not hurt you and flying, just recently post-pubescent angel schoolgirls.  Admittedly I am a sucker for cheesy, niche titles such as these.  I am not really sure why.  They have just always scratched some unforeseen itch that I acquire from time to time.  However, I have ne...

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Dense but Intense 0

    Another older review that never got posted to GB.  This was my first video review so the audio is pretty much a single take and I say "uh" a lot.  Otherwise it should be fine....

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Forgettable Sands 0

     I understand that this review is a bit late, but I made the video and never posted it to GB so here it is....

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If this game doesn't live up to the $15 price point, nothing will 0

  Here's my gameplay video/review....

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Why are you reading this and not playing? 0

Imagine all the small, picky problems you had with the first intallment, fix those, then add more badass tracks, and you have Rock Band 2.  After importing my songs from the first game, it now takes nearly 5 minutes each time a I create my own setlist.  The scary part is I haven't unlocked all the songs yet.  Harmonix, sitting on their pile of money that escalates with every microtransaction performed every second on the Xbox marketplace, has done it again....

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Excellent as always 0

Tiger Woods, by his own mantra, shits excellence.  The video game series that bears his name is no exception.  This year's edition adds private lessons from Tiger's real-life coach Hank Haney.  By improving on actual shots you made during a round that you fouled up on, your stats are increased in the areas of Power, Accuracy, Short Game, and Putting.  This helps balance your overall stats now that they are based on your shot making and not spending earned skill points like the other games in the...

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There is substance here 0

I agree with almost everyone's opinions regarding Too Human's short comings.  The game is definitely flawed, though mostly in its sense of pace.  It never seems like you can get a "quick" session of Too Human in.  The game certainly requires a good chunk of your time to get anything done.  The death animation of the Valkayrie coming down to rez your character becomes a moment worthy of my classic "console power down" maneuver.  As everyone knows, the game scales the enemies you face to your leve...

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