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New version? It has playlists?! And Chromecast support?!? Fantstic!! DLC has been bought.

(sorry about the punctuation, but I am beside myself on this one).

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I was wondering if there were a way to make a playlist / "watch later" list? I usually don't have the time to watch the longer videos in one sitting. With new videos always being added, it's too easy to forget what I was watching. This will be especially true for E3, when there are daily shows, trailers, and the occasional interview filling up the feed. So the ability to mark stuff for watching later would be a big help. (I know one option is to download the videos, but I don't have the space on my ipad for that).

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platform - 360

name - iamdrworm

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At the very least, bringing back the 'China Don't Care" shirt would be awesome.

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Sweet, I was hoping you'd do something like a TNT or this. My TM2 login is "FortressLad"

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I currently use Free Download Manager (in conjunction with the FlashGot plugin for Firefox) to download videos from the site. Starting sometime around last Friday (7/29), I can no longer download the HD videos from Giant Bomb using FDM. The HD videos from the other Whiskey sites work fine. The standard def videos from Giant Bomb work fine. I can still download (and view) the HD videos from within Firefox itself. Were there any changes done in the last week to cause this?

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In other words you don't want them covering games like Child of Eden...

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Have they ever done a TNT with Trackmania? You would think it is a good candidate with the large number of players, user created tracks, and it's free.

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If you absolutely must use your left hand, you can plug in the bass drum pedal and use it to activate overdrive. (or you can buy the official stomp box)

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 I'm assuming the "chick from UGO" the OP was referring to is Tracey John.  She used to work at MTV back in the glory days with Totilo and Klepek. 

As for Retronauts, nobody knew about the layoffs until recently.   Parish had been talking about ending the podcast for a while before.