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Oh, it looks like WWE realized how stupid the Michael Sam stuff was and they're removed everything relating to it from their website and social media sites.

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@fram: That's called the Trucker Speed Teeth Grind.

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Syfy put up a schedule for October 2 (a Thursday) that has Smackdown on it. I wonder if NXT get swapped to Friday or they continue the NXT/Impact wars and move it to Wednesday.

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Four notes about TNA:

1) Spike has granted TNA an extension until the end of the year. From everything that's been said, Spike wants to see if TNA is sustainable on Wednesday nights before committing to anything long term.

2) TNA has signed an extension with SuperSport to continue broadcasting Impact and all PPVs (live and One Night Only shows) across all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

3) TNA has announced that their next set of TV tapings will take place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania from September 16th through the 19th. Those with keen eyes should notice two things.

  • If they continue at their current rate of tapings per night (about 1.5 shows a night), they will have taped PAST Bound for Glory, meaning that they'll either have to do any story stuff as backstage segments, actively spoil their version of WrestleMania during the tapings or they'll have a series of pointless shows that have no story.
  • The final night of Impact tapings is in direct competition with the first night of Chikara's King of Trios (Bethlehem is about 13 miles from Easton where KoT is taking place). While not directly comparable (Impact tapings draw exponentially more than TNA house shows), in 2012, TNA booked a house show near KoT and Chikara was able to outdraw them.

4) I can't recall if this has been posted and you've probably seen it by now, but Bully Ray is apparently done with TNA. He would have announced to the locker room at the last TNA house show that his contract was expiring before the next set of tapings and told them all goodbye.

All in all, TNA is still in a very weird place.

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Just thought I'd pop in and add a bit of levity to the thread with this picture of Damien Sandow cosplaying as a game developer at a WWE 2K15 event:

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I can't tell if Bo's Raw segment was just to further along Jack's losing streak storyline, of if this is a push for him to take on this "life coach of the undercard" role that I so desperately wish for.

I don't like watching Bo wrestle, but love watching him annoy the shit out of people.

Smackdown Spoilers: Jack Swagger loses to Seth Rollins by count out and, after the match, Bo Dallas comes back out to tell him not to stop Bo-lieving.

In a related note about Smackdown, The Germans still have an announce table at ringside. I'm starting to think this is permanent.

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So, uh, how long do these movie shoots usually take?

Miz was out for 4 months to film The Marine 4, so yeah.

Miz was out longer than the movie took to shoot. If I remember correctly, Summer came back like a month before him.

I don't think they can afford to not have Ambrose on within the next 5-7 weeks. This feud is way too good.

It's possible they filmed all of Summer's scenes first and then kept Miz for another month to do his solo stuff.

Miz was ready for like a month before he actually returned to TV. If I'm not mistaken, he actually worked house show dates between The Marine 4 and his return as Hollywood Miz.

Also, there's another five weeks between NoC and Hell in a Cell, so Ambrose being gone 5-7 weeks seems logical.

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Do not make pros as soon as you can; wait until both cards you want to combine are at max level. That way the card's stats get a huge bonus for becoming pro and the levelling resets itself, allowing you to get cards from a lower tier that can destroy higher tier cards.

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Krazy™ Predictions:

  1. Kharma returns and destroys Brie Bella.
  2. There's a spot during the Lumberjack match where Dean Ambrose decides to attack a bunch of the Lumberjacks
  3. Roman Reigns does a sit-up, Undertaker Style.

I'd just like to remind @papercut that Ambrose totally hit a suicide dive on Lumberjacks.