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It's time for the LoC!

1) 32 pts - NateDogg2
2) 30 pts - ajamafalous
3) 29 pts - DrX25, MeatSim
5) 28 pts - redyoshi, DazzHardy
7) 27 pts - DinosaurCanada
8) 26 pts - papercut
9) 24 pts - Milkman, Lumley
11) 22 pts - Brodehouse
12) 21 pts - Rabid619
13) 20 pts - SteamRickRoller, VierasTalo, djm389, Xite
17) 18 pts - Demoskinos, PodKATT, GorillaMoPena, WulfBane, amp_1986, Aronleon, Junpei, Shinmaru007, simmant, CorruptedEvil
27) 17 pts - Turboman
28) 16 pts - Virtualpolecat, Boom_goes_the_dynomite, MayorMikeAchbar, rachelepithet
32) 14 pts - WMoyer83, professording
34) 12 pts - Libb
35) 10 pts - RecSpec

So here are the official rules:

  • You don't have to sign up, just make predictions and I'll add ya to the rankings.
  • Simply predict the answers to each question and, for every correct one, you get a point (unless stated otherwise); you don't lose anything for getting it wrong.
  • You do not have to bet on every match and you don't have to answer every question.
  • Whoever is in #1 after the PPV is allowed to have the Championship belt in their avatar.
  • If your prediction post is edited after the PPV, then you are disqualified for the event.
  • You must have your predictions in before the PPV/Pre-Show begins.
  • If the match ends in a draw (if Mark Henry suplexes The Big Show and the ring implodes, etc.), the prediction is cancelled and no points will be awarded/taken away.
  • Your final total (i.e. the one that will appear in the rankings) is the sum of all your PPV predictions subtracted by the lowest PPV prediction total. E.g. say I've done 3 PPVs (with scores of 30, 25 and 40), the score that would appear in the rankings is 30 + 40 = 70. If I were to participate in a fourth PPV (and I got a score of 20), then my new total would be 25 + 30 + 40 = 95.
  • The LoC committee has the right to change the rules if necessary.

And here's the official list of Matches (via WWE.com):

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro - SummerSlam Kickoff Singles Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):

Intercontinental Champion The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler - Intercontinental Championship Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt - Singles Match with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper Banned at Ringside
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev - Flag Match
Winner (2 pts):

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Paige - Divas Championship Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins - Lumberjack Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Will the briefcase be put on the line? (2 pts):

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton - Singles Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):

Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon - Singles Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Does Nikki turn on her sister? (2 pts):

WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar - Singles Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Does a No-DQ style stipulation get added? (2 pts):
Does Seth Rollins Cash-in? (2 pts):

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1) WWE Supercard is way too fun for what it really is, but I can't stop playing it for the hook of more cards.

2) Variety is reporting that Dean Ambrose will star in WWE Studios/Lionsgate next collaboration. The movie is called Lockdown and is about a policeman who's trapped in his precinct and is being hunted by corrupt cops while trying to recover the evidence against them.

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Programming note for you Canadians in this thread, NXT has been replaced by Main Event on Sportsnet 360 as of this week and it also seems that Vintage Collection is gone.

Also, this is what's currently available for On Demand on the Canadian Network:

-SummerSlam 1992
-SummerSlam 1998
-SummerSlam 2000
-SummerSlam 2002
-SummerSlam 2005
-Great American Bash 1989
-Bash at the Beach 1994
-Bash at the Beach 1996
-Bash at the Beach 1998
-ECW Heatwave 1998
-ECW Heatwave 1999
-ECW One Night Stand 2005

They might as well just say "VPN the good one".

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Pretty sure the second GIF was the kickoff to a storyline where Muta impregnated that lady with his mist and she would later give birth to a giant egg that hatched a wrestler.

Anyway, I stumbled upon Kevin Steen's twitter and he's doing a countdown. Anyone have any ideas what it could be about? (WWE?)

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Hey guys, Renee Young has the scoop on the situation:

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Dean Ambrose announced his stipulation for SummerSlam (spoilers obviously):

It's a Lumberjack match. Yes, a fucking lumberjack match.

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Q: Is heel Paige good?
A: No, she's great.

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@poser: The deal right now is that the WWE Network TV will be on traditional TV (and available to all providers in the country who want it) as a pay-tv channel (an HBO type channel in your package) and they will offer the on-demand content online (similar to HBO Go) and will soon offer an app exclusive for the Canadian version of the network (so you can access said content on the go).

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@lord_canti: From WWE's Q2 earnings report:

  • International Availability: The Company plans to make the U.S. version of WWE Network available on an over- the-top basis starting August 12th in over 170 countries and territories, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Spain and the Nordics, among others. The network is expected to be live in the U.K. by October 2014. Plans for the network in Italy, UAE, Germany, Japan, India, China, Thailand and Malaysia will be communicated at a later date.