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LoC Update!!

WWE.com has officially announced that Roman Reigns will be out of action for up to six weeks to recover from the incarcerated hernia. As a result, they have officially canceled Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins for Night of Champions and only the Dean Ambrose part of that match will still be considered for LoC on Sunday.

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Proceed as normal for the predictions on Reigns vs. Rollins and, if the match is thrown out (i.e. never happens) then only the Ambrose prediction will be recognized.

Go see the new update for correct info.

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It's time... IT'S LOC TIME!

1) 39 pts - DrX25
2) 38 pts - Lumley
3) 36 pts - Shinmaru007, Aronleon, Boom_goes_the_dynamite, amp_1986, redyoshi, squirrelGOD
9) 35 pts - Turboman
10) 34 pts - CorruptedEvil, DazzHardy, Milkman, papercut, DrDarkStryfe
15) 33 pts - Demoskinos
16) 32 pts - DinosaurCanada, MayorMikeAchbar, WulfBane, GorillaMoPena, NateDogg2, PodKATT, Rabid619
23) 30 pts - SteamRickroller, ajamafalous, Chance_S, KoopaWithAGun, MjHealy
28) 29 pts - MeatSim
29) 28 pts - Xite, simmant, mageemagoo, MocBucket62
33) 26 pts - Junpei, Brodehouse, katmanic, theveej
37) 24 pts - VierasTalo, djm389
39) 22 pts - RecSpec
40) 20 pts - djm389, VierasTalo
42) 16 pts - rachelepithet, Virtualpolecat
44) 14 pts - professording, WMoyer83
46) 12 pts - Libb

So here are the official rules:

  • You don't have to sign up, just make predictions and I'll add ya to the rankings.
  • Simply predict the answers to each question and, for every correct one, you get a point (unless stated otherwise); you don't lose anything for getting it wrong.
  • You do not have to bet on every match and you don't have to answer every question.
  • Whoever is in #1 after the PPV is allowed to have the Championship belt in their avatar.
  • If your prediction post is edited after the PPV, then you are disqualified for the event.
  • You must have your predictions in before the PPV/Pre-Show begins.
  • If the match ends in a draw (if Mark Henry suplexes The Big Show and the ring implodes, etc.), the prediction is cancelled and no points will be awarded/taken away.
  • Your final total (i.e. the one that will appear in the rankings) is the sum of all your PPV predictions subtracted by the lowest PPV prediction total. E.g. say I've done 3 PPVs (with scores of 30, 25 and 40), the score that would appear in the rankings is 30 + 40 = 70. If I were to participate in a fourth PPV (and I got a score of 20), then my new total would be 25 + 30 + 40 = 95.
  • The LoC committee has the right to change the rules if necessary.

And here's the official list of Matches (via WWE.com):

Divas Champion Paige vs. Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee - Triple Threat Match for the Divas Championship
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Person who takes the fall (2 pts):
Does Brie Bella interfere in the match? (2 pts):

United States Champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro - United States Championship Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):

Mark Henry vs. Rusev
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Does Henry get a special USA entrance (video screen graphics don't count)? (2 pts):

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. Gold and Stardust - Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Person who gets the fall (1 pt):
Person who takes the fall (1 pt):

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz - Intercontinental Championship Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Does Damien Mizdow get involved in the match? (2 pts):

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Does Orton punt Jericho's head off? (2 pts):

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
Does Dean Ambrose return? (2 pts):

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):
Does Seth Rollins cash-in? (2 pts):
Is a stipulation added? (2 pts):

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Here's Dean Ambrose as a cop... WAIT! What's that poster:

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The hot wrestling NEWZ going around is that WWE apparently wants to sell its video library to Warner Bros. (*CHOUGH*turner*COUGH*). This is actually a mangled version of news that's saying that WWE is looking to work with Warner Bros. for their video releases (WB would distribute WWE DVDs/Blu-Rays) and potentially get them to work on remastering content and marketing.

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Minor Smackdown spoilers:

To mock Miz and Damien Mizdow, R-Truth debuted as Dolph Ziggler's stunt double:

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@gunslingerpanda: Considering that Brie isn't in the match and then took a loss on Smackdown (so she probably won't get added to the Triple Threat), I feel like adding Nikki to the match is a means to an end to get to what they want. Like, Nikki probably almost gets a win, Brie screws her and AJ or Paige get the win. Brie/Nikki get a singles match and AJ/Paige wraps up the following month.

As for the actual feuds, the Bella stuff is total cheese and was well played by Nikki the first two weeks (along with the Growing Up Bella stuff), but the live segment basically needed her to do every trick in the book for heat while Brie is not only delivering her lines poorly, but her character looks like a complete moron (she helps her super heel sister and, in the process, loses her match despite her sister saying to the world that she would never apologize for what she did to her). Adding Jerry Springer will either make this the ultimate absurdist angle or just turn it to complete death for everyone.

Meanwhile, the AJ/Paige stuff is only marginally better because at least both of them are doing the same bullshit, fake friends thing. Its real problem is that, despite no one on planet earth buying into the fact that AJ and Paige are friends, they're still stuck in week one of frenemies where they're pretending to like each other... Two months into the angle. But hey, at least the matches are good (although I could see Nikki/Brie getting more time than another AJ/Paige match, which that won't be so great).

Although, if Nikki does end up with the title, then damn this all to hell.

P.S. I think it's more than just the Divas division that's a mess right now. The core part of the show (Cena) is probably the biggest mess its been in a very long time and, mixed with WWE's desperation for the Network, WWE (sans NXT) seems in complete shambles.

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Oh, it looks like WWE realized how stupid the Michael Sam stuff was and they're removed everything relating to it from their website and social media sites.

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