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Main Event Cliffsnotes

  • Kane defeated Antonio Cesaro by countering the Neutraliser and hitting the Chokeslam. Daniel Bryan was on commentary and AJ tried to distract Kane.
  • Sheamus was interviewed and said that if his team gets on the same page at Mania, The Shield will have the fight of their lives.
  • The Bella Twins w/Team Rhodes Scholars defeated The Funkadactyls w/Tons of Funk (The new tag name for Tensai and Brodus) when Cody distracted The Funkadactyls and a Bella got a Roll-Up of Doom.

Saturday Morning Slam Cliffsnotes:

  • The announcers were Kofi Kingston and Josh Mathews.
  • 3MB (Mahal and McIntryre) defeated Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder. After the match 3MB beat them up some more and Kofi came to the rescue.
  • Mick Foley came out and made Kingston/Slater for right now and banned the rest of 3MB.
  • Dolph Ziggler came out to replace Kingston at the announce table.
  • Kofi Kingston defeated Heath Slater.
  • Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan. During the match, Bryan wanted to hug it out with Henry, Henry then Bearhugged him.

Smackdown Cliffsnotes.

  • Rock opened the show. He told one of his honest to god true stories about his youth and showed a picture of him as a teen. He then cut a promo about John Cena only to be interrupted by John Laurinaitis. Johnny said that Teddy let him come out and Rock did his who in the blue hell are you? thing. Johnny asked to be in Rock's corner at Mania because they're two peas in a pod (Rock's the People's Champion, Johnny created People Power). Rock asked the crowd if he should accept, they said no, so he hit him with a Spinerbuster and The People's Elbow. Rock then went under the ring, pulled out a giant Hershey chocolate bar, signed it and gave it to a kid.
  • Chris Jericho defeated Wade Barrett with the Codebreaker. After the match, Jericho said that he would have loved to face Wade for the IC title at Mania, but he's facing Fandango instead and called him out. Fandango came out on stage, danced and left.
  • Josh Mathews interviewed Paul Heyman, he said that Lesnar/HHH was must lose for Hunter.
  • The weightlifting segment had Booker and Teddy hosting it and they said that if Ryback or Mark Henry got physical, they would be banned from Mania. Henry did 220 lbs 54 times (it was said to be a new record). Ryback was on his way to beating him, but Henry shoved the bar on his throat. Ryback got helped to the back to close the segment. No, Booker didn't ban Henry for what he did.
  • Daniel Bryan and Kaitlyn w/Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee w/Big E Langston when Kaitlyn speared AJ. Big E tried to interfere, but Kane took him out with a Big Boot.
  • A Shield video aired saying that their Mania opponents don't stand a chance and #BelieveInTheShield.
  • Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs The Great Khali w/Hornswoggle and Natalya went to a double count out when Swagger had Khali in The Patriot Lock outside the ring and ignored the ref's count. Ricardo then came out to do a distraction and Del Rio ambushed Swagger and sent him and Colter running.
  • Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show defeated Team Rhodes Scholars and Antonio Cesaro when Sheamus hit The Brogue Kick on Rhodes. After the match, Shield tried to come down, but the faces brought the fight to them and they beat them up in the stands, forcing them to run away. This ended the show.
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To the Surprise of no one, Miz/Barrett for the IC title is official:

Unrelated but a Smackdown spoiler you might like:

Johnny Ace returned to confront The Rock.

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Just read a thing online that said that Mark Henry possibly got injured at a house show tonight. I also read another thing saying that after the initial fears (They ended his match early) he did a post match angle and left the ring without help.

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The Wrestling Observer is reporting that CM Punk has been pulled from house shows until Mania because of an arm injury that he suffered during his match with Kane last week.

Also the Post-Smackdown taping Mania Update:

#TeamStache is dead as Team Rhodes Scholars are firmly with The Bellas while Kaitlyn was nowhere to be seen at the Smackdown taping.

Speaking of Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bellas, they seem to be heading towards a Mania match against Brodus Clay/Tensai/Funkadactyls.

It's official, Big Show is Ryback's replacement in the six man tag match.

I guess Meltzer was right as Fandango cost Chris Jericho's match against Jack Swagger and then attacked him after it.

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I watched Raw in text form and good seems to be the Fandango segment, the tag title match being made and Pancake Patterson making it to TV. The bad was the Triple H segment and most of the show by the looks of it. And the ?!? is that Fandango vs Jericho is actually going to be a thing.

Also, the #TeamStache thing better be a tease.

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