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Two seemingly fake news stories about wrestlers have popped up today:

1. The Irish version of tabloid The Daily Mirror is speculating that Sheamus could be playing the part of Darth Vader (the guy in the suit, not the voice) in Star Wars Episode VII. He's currently in Ireland, where filming for the movie is taking place and previously donned the suit for promotional tours in Ireland.

2. Despite tabloids reporting that they're getting dropped and all the sign in the world pointing at the apparent end of TNA, they announced today that they've signed Chris Melendez to a contract and that he will be making his debut during the next set of tapings at the Manhattan Center in August. So, who is Chris Melendez? He's happens to be a war vet who lost his leg due to an IED. In 2012 he started training at the Team 3D Academy.

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@rotnac said:

Oh, and Steph being back in the ring... what are the odds they actually go through with her wrestling again and not doing some bait & switch?

I almost guarantee that match is going to end with a swerve-y finish. So confident that weeks away from the PPV, I'm making it a pre-emptive Krazy™ prediction: Nikki Bella will turn on her sister at Summerslam costing her the match.

Oh come on, that's like saying Big Show's going to turn at Over the Limit 2012. We can see it from a mile away. If that Jack Tunney goof @papercut had a brain, he wouldn't let that fly!

Also, after having re-listened to it, at the end of Raw they didn't chant This is Awful or This is Awesome, they chanted "JAMIE NOBLE!" That might be one of the most surreal things I've ever heard.

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@milkman said:

I doubt that this is the end for TNA. The show still does decent numbers all things considered and they have until October to find another TV deal. Someone will pick them up.

Until these NYC tapings, they were regularly being beaten by COPS reruns.

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The other rumors flying around is that SpikeTV hates Russo and did not like him being brought back in

main image

There could not be a more TNA way of going out than rehiring the man that your network partners hate.

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@mordukai said:

@demoskinos said:

Youtube comments guys.

If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I would have never believed, sorry BOlieved, that marks like that existed.

Did I ever post this here, but at the Raw I went to like three weeks ago, there was someone that had a "Reinstate CM Punk" sign. They were dead serious.

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I'm just going to park this here for future use:

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WWE.com has confirmed a new match for the kickoff: Fandango vs. Adam Rose

So you can add this to your predictions (preferably in an edit):

Battleground Kickoff Match: Fandango vs. Adam Rose
Winner (2 pts):
Method of victory (2 pts):

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@oldirtybearon: Soon after debuting as the Bulgarian Brute and then cutting a million pro-Russia promos, Lana announced that he officially moved to Russia to be closer to his hero, Vladimir Putin.