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@demoskinos: Yup and, in case this place goes down again, it's here at 8 pm for Main Event and 9 pm for WNW.

EDIT: And the password is the same as always, pizzacutter

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@demoskinos: I'll post it after Smackdown (just in case they pull a fast one and make a last minute change).

@joshthebear: They added Kaitlyn/Tamina for the Divas Title during Raw (not on the show, but on the APP!)

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@Krullban: 1) I guess old habits die hard.

2) Yeah, I kind of see it.

3) That's perfect.

Also, after a long hiatus, Team Rhodes Scholars is back!

And I guess The New Age Outlaws D-Generation X is there too.

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@TurboMan: Eh, I think the argument of "the NFL did it" is going to be enough for them to stick with it.

Yup, they actually used that.
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WWE has a Facebook poll right now on what should be Antonio Cesaro's first shirt.

I will pick number two please (although number 3 is perfect for so many reasons).

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Damien Sandow knocks it out of the park, yet again: