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@gamefreak: The actual quality was probably at the same level, but it was really creepy to hear the announcers talk in shots that had the announce table and they weren't moving their mouths.

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If you missed Social Media Smackdown, you missed this:

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No one told me about bearded, motorcycle hobo AJ Styles, I'm angry.

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Synchtube should be back online now.

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By the way, the password it pizzacutter.

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Main Event Chat/WNW: At the Movies is here.

Also, the Main Event of Sheamus/Rhodes was started because of Kaitlyn, so that's weird.

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Stephanie McMahon got an intern to handle her opened a Twitter account.


Also a bit of news.

1) Wrestler Observer is reporting that, since Cara/Mysterio is off for Mania and, as a result, they're putting off the world record attempt for most masked people at the same time, they're thinking of doing the world record for largest Harlem Shake.

2) Maria Menounos' name has been thrown around as the person to induct Bob Backlund as she's good friends with him.

3) Social Media Smackdown will feature live polls, live Touts and Tweets from Superstars and Divas and live commentary from Josh Mathews, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

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