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So, this knucklehead showed up to a Smackdown house show this weekend:


So, *GONG* this Monday?

In other news, there's a rumor going around that there's going to be a fake Glenn Beck on Raw.

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So, while Zeb and Jack are trying to kill our childhood, you might have missed these two things:

  1. The genesis of the Cody Rhodes face turn.
  2. SMS: Social Media Smackdown, next week's "special" episode.

They even made a logo that's really, really dumb:

Facebook, Tout, Twitter, Youtube, APP!

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WWE is poking the Glenn Beck Bear:

Following his criticism over the portrayal of WWE Superstars Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, WWE has extended a formal invitation to talk show host and political commentator Glenn Beck to appear on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

WWE’s invitation stems from Beck’s recent segment in which he discussed the ongoing rivalry between World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, No. 1 contender Swagger and his self-styled mentor Colter. In the segment, Beck specifically directed his comments toward the character of Swagger, recently reinvented as a xenophobic “Real American” who delivers anti-immigration “State of the Union” addresses as the antagonist to the Mexican hero Del Rio. Beck inferred that Swagger’s persona, along with that of Colter as his mentor, would offend WWE’s “conservative” fan base. Beck also referenced WWE as “stupid wrestling people” in the segment, which aired Thursday on The BlazeTV.

WWE is in the entertainment business, creating characters and stories that revolve around our Superstars as well as culturally significant current events. Given Mr. Beck’s comments, WWE is formally extending an invitation to him to address our 14 million weekly viewers and global fan base — as well as the live audience of the WWE Universe — on WWE programming this Monday night. We look forward to Mr. Beck’s reply and the opportunity to have him on Raw.

Source: http://www.wwe.com/shows/outside-the-ring/wwe-invites-glenn-beck-to-appear-on-raw-26093818

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If you missed the TNX stream, here is proof of Natalya wrestling:

She's in wrestling gear! SEE?!? SEE?!?

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If you missed the NXT Stream, you missed this:

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@wikitoups said:

Guys...what if there was a super group consisting of Mark Henry, Prime time players, and JTG?

So a new Nation of Domination?

Also, people are saying that The Rock is advertised for Extreme Rules in St. Louis on May 19 (It's on Prowrestling.net, but I can't see it on WWE.com or the Scottrade Center's website.)

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The WNW TNA Special will start after the Playstation Press Conference.

Also, dammit Swagger.