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@tajasaurus: He wrote Titty Master on his wrist tape at a house show (and pictures of it surfaced online), but it really became popular on the Raw after Mania XXX when, as The Shield was walking to the ring, some fan was holding a "Dean Titty Master Ambrose" sign right next to him.

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So the newest supposed TNA taping spoilers all but confirm Russo writing things

Apparently MVP suddenly decided to turn heel and put himself in the main event of Slamiversary against Eric Young for the title. How's that for a swerve?

Did he say he was doing that because it was best for business?

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@hansolol said:

So, Big Show has been missing from tv for a week or so now. I bet he's going to do a run-in during the Wyatt, Cena match. He cut that promo a month ago on Smackdown saying that Bray Wyatt makes a lot of sense. Plus, he needs something to do. He's been kinda twiddling his thumbs since Survivor Series.

Hopefully this leads to a feud between Show and Cena so we can finally answer the question: "Can Cena lift Show?"

In all seriousness, this would be the worst.

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@krullban: They didn't actually get to Bad News Barrett, he ran away before they could actually get their hands on him. The idea that they might wait until the finals against RVD to get their revenge is worrying me.

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What about the second set of lyrics? They repeat the first part, but then add on some more:

"Slay your darkest fear. No, they're not the drugs you fear"? I really have no clue.

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@lou_chou: NXT is basically the minor leagues of WWE. Pretty much all of the regular guys on that show haven't been in the company for very long and the main purpose of it is to fine tune their abilities in front of a crowd, so expect to see guys randomly disappear or get repackaged into new gimmicks. They also sometimes have guys from the main roster show up as guests.

Main Event is the third tier show for WWE. There's one big match (featuring some of the bigger stars going for 20~30 minutes) followed by short matches from lower down on the card.

Superstars is the bottom tier show, it's usually two matches featuring guys that are low in the pecking order and lots of recaps about what happened on Raw.

@yesiamaduck: Nah, Smackdown still makes them more money than Main Event and it seems that the current run of big matches on Main Event is because they want people to see it on the Network as a big plus for their subscription.

@aronleon: What? You don't remember Sting's heel run in 1999 where he didn't wear face paint because he was so pissed about losing the title?

Also, about this AJ stuff, if anything, she's taking a break to heal up and cool off on her heel persona so that she can return as a face. I mean, I've heard some insane/really hard to believe stuff about why she's gone, but I expect her to come back at around Payback time.

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Look who just showed up on the WWE Network:

He did a little interview talking about his time tagging with Ultimate Warrior.

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There's a leaked script going around saying that AJ is currently injured.

Now, I wouldn't put too much stock in it, but Tamina just won a battle royal to become the number one contender for the Divas Championship (and AJ was not present).

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@milkman said:

The eldest of four siblings, Perry was born in Gainesville, Florida in the United States to parents of Portuguese and Venezuelan extraction. She spent several years of her childhood in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic in the Soviet Union, where her father worked as a Christian missionary. Perry and her family remained in Latvia after it declared its independence from the Soviet Union in May 1990. From an early age, Perry aspired to become a ballet dancer like her mother. She attended the Riga Choreography School - the ballet school of the Latvian National Opera - and began dancing with the Latvian National Ballet at the age of 14.


This needs to be a recurring feature.