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Brad Maddox is still in a cave?

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@corruptedevil: A press release confirmed that it's Crow Sting and Surfer Sting. So, @papercut, Doc vs. Sting totally needs to happen at some point in 2K15.

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The Asylum has reached a new level in ripoffs: getting wrestlers to star in clones of movies starring wrestlers:

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In really bummer newz, Meltzer is saying that Daniel Bryan might require shoulder surgery following a thorough exam of his entire body and, at this point, because of the number of question marks regarding surgery, he has no ETA for return and there are no plans for him any time in the near future.

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@gorillamopena: That Sid account is a fake and Honky Tonk Man is probably trolling.

Also, this is a really weird news story:

As we reported yesterday in the PWInsider Elite section, a very strange lawsuit was filed against WWE and Natalya Neidhart on 6/27 and dismissed on 7/7 in Florida.

Christopher Donnelly, identified as currently incarcerated in the state of Pennsylvania, filed a hand-written lawsuit seeking $250,000 under threat of "going to the media" if he didn't receive it, claiming some really off the wall claims about the WWE Diva.

Among other claims made were that Neihart was a dominatrix who had beaten him while they were at hotels all over the United States from 2005-2009, had forced him to endure extreme sexual abuse and even forced him to prostitute himself in Miami, Florida.

Donnelly claimed the $250,000 he was seeking was for damages for mental and psychological trauma, spelling psychological wrong in the filing.

The suit was dismissed on 7/7, with the Judge noting that the complaint was filled with delusional language, did not prove have any standing under Florida law and dismissed the suit.


Brings a whole new meaning to the term Hart Dungeon.

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Back from Raw and while people in Montreal are undecided on their stance on PandaCut, they were super hot for Roman Reigns (that line about Cena sucking when Reigns is in the house got a pop from everyone, including the Cena fans).

And here's a shot of the arena I took during the Wyatt/Jericho segment.

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As your LoC Champion, I will be attending Raw tonight and, hopefully, the mics will pick up my anti-PandaCut chants.

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WWE Network showing a bunch of Great American Bashes this weekend, any good ones?

Great American Bash 2006, elevated liver enzymes. Enough said.

Oh and GAB 2008 has that bizarre Cena/JBL parking lot brawl with ZERO commentary.