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@darji: The people getting kicked out of Raw for chanting CM Punk rumor was debunked as fake.

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Well, if this week couldn't get any worse for WWE, think again. John Cena was pulled from today's house show in Kansas City, Missouri due to an eye injury. Daniel Bryan filled in for him, challenging Randy Orton to a Steel Cage match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after Orton announced the injury.

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@milkman: The way I see it, fans were only chanting for Daniel Bryan/against the force fed main events because they felt that Bryan deserved (rightfully so) to be in the title picture (see at the Royal Rumble where, despite the never ending chair beat down on Show, the crowd never hijacked Show/Lesnar to chant for Bryan). So, while CM Punk chants might happen during some segments, if they don't go with Bryan in some kind of money match (WWE Title or vs Triple H), they will get reminded of him.

Also, Dolph Ziggler cut an amazing promo on the APP!:


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I watched Impact because I have a severe disregard for my health and MVP made his debut as the secret investor and, from what I understand, The American Wolves are his bodyguards.

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@dazzhardy: Silver Lining: The fact that they've renegotiated the UK TV rights deals means that the WWE Network will probably be coming sooner rather than later since they probably included clauses in their deal to allow them to have the Network.

@gnatsol: No way Punk goes to TNA, he's been way too vocal about his hatred of them in the past and they probably wouldn't have the money for it.

@wmoyer83: Nope, nothing's really going to happen if Punk leaves. The only two options they have are to not pay Punk (unless he's been paid less than his downside and stuff that relates to his likeness like royalty checks) or take him to court and that would be terrible as, the last time they went to court, the only reason WWE wasn't forced to change the way they word contracts/hire wrestlers is because the contracts had expired so long before the trial that they couldn't be used as evidence.

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This is how you know the CM Punk/WWE break up is real: WWE has unfollowed CM Punk on Twitter.

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Smackdown Cliffsnotes:

- Smackdown kicked off with The Shield, who demanded to face The Wyatt Family for screwing them out of their win on Raw. Triple H told them to back off and Reigns stood up to him. Triple H ended up booking The Shield vs The Wyatt Family for Elimination Chamber.

- There were two Elimination Chamber qualifying matches: Dolph Ziggler vs Antonio Cesaro and Christian vs Jack Swagger. Cesaro and Christian were the winners.

- Titus turned heel on Darren after losing a match to Rybaxel.

- About the Real Americans, Cesaro is now billed from the United States and they continued the Zeb/Swagger tension from Raw by having Zeb throw a fit at Swagger for losing.

Current Elimination Chamber card:

Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan vs Antonio Cesaro vs Christian - Elimination Chamber match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family - Six Man Tag Team match.

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LoC Results Time! (Thanks to @papercut)

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