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Here's Dean Ambrose as a cop... WAIT! What's that poster:

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The hot wrestling NEWZ going around is that WWE apparently wants to sell its video library to Warner Bros. (*CHOUGH*turner*COUGH*). This is actually a mangled version of news that's saying that WWE is looking to work with Warner Bros. for their video releases (WB would distribute WWE DVDs/Blu-Rays) and potentially get them to work on remastering content and marketing.

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Minor Smackdown spoilers:

To mock Miz and Damien Mizdow, R-Truth debuted as Dolph Ziggler's stunt double:

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@gunslingerpanda: Considering that Brie isn't in the match and then took a loss on Smackdown (so she probably won't get added to the Triple Threat), I feel like adding Nikki to the match is a means to an end to get to what they want. Like, Nikki probably almost gets a win, Brie screws her and AJ or Paige get the win. Brie/Nikki get a singles match and AJ/Paige wraps up the following month.

As for the actual feuds, the Bella stuff is total cheese and was well played by Nikki the first two weeks (along with the Growing Up Bella stuff), but the live segment basically needed her to do every trick in the book for heat while Brie is not only delivering her lines poorly, but her character looks like a complete moron (she helps her super heel sister and, in the process, loses her match despite her sister saying to the world that she would never apologize for what she did to her). Adding Jerry Springer will either make this the ultimate absurdist angle or just turn it to complete death for everyone.

Meanwhile, the AJ/Paige stuff is only marginally better because at least both of them are doing the same bullshit, fake friends thing. Its real problem is that, despite no one on planet earth buying into the fact that AJ and Paige are friends, they're still stuck in week one of frenemies where they're pretending to like each other... Two months into the angle. But hey, at least the matches are good (although I could see Nikki/Brie getting more time than another AJ/Paige match, which that won't be so great).

Although, if Nikki does end up with the title, then damn this all to hell.

P.S. I think it's more than just the Divas division that's a mess right now. The core part of the show (Cena) is probably the biggest mess its been in a very long time and, mixed with WWE's desperation for the Network, WWE (sans NXT) seems in complete shambles.

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Oh, it looks like WWE realized how stupid the Michael Sam stuff was and they're removed everything relating to it from their website and social media sites.

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@fram: That's called the Trucker Speed Teeth Grind.

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Syfy put up a schedule for October 2 (a Thursday) that has Smackdown on it. I wonder if NXT get swapped to Friday or they continue the NXT/Impact wars and move it to Wednesday.

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Four notes about TNA:

1) Spike has granted TNA an extension until the end of the year. From everything that's been said, Spike wants to see if TNA is sustainable on Wednesday nights before committing to anything long term.

2) TNA has signed an extension with SuperSport to continue broadcasting Impact and all PPVs (live and One Night Only shows) across all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

3) TNA has announced that their next set of TV tapings will take place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania from September 16th through the 19th. Those with keen eyes should notice two things.

  • If they continue at their current rate of tapings per night (about 1.5 shows a night), they will have taped PAST Bound for Glory, meaning that they'll either have to do any story stuff as backstage segments, actively spoil their version of WrestleMania during the tapings or they'll have a series of pointless shows that have no story.
  • The final night of Impact tapings is in direct competition with the first night of Chikara's King of Trios (Bethlehem is about 13 miles from Easton where KoT is taking place). While not directly comparable (Impact tapings draw exponentially more than TNA house shows), in 2012, TNA booked a house show near KoT and Chikara was able to outdraw them.

4) I can't recall if this has been posted and you've probably seen it by now, but Bully Ray is apparently done with TNA. He would have announced to the locker room at the last TNA house show that his contract was expiring before the next set of tapings and told them all goodbye.

All in all, TNA is still in a very weird place.