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Last night, I ended up blowing myself high up in the Fracture map and landing in a nice little spot that gave me lots of free kills. I ran out of ammo eventually and had to jump on a titan and take one down with a pistol. I was like Rambo.

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PSN: DryvBy

Timezone: Eastern US

Launch: Everything aside from Madden and FIFA.

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Watching that Endurance Run of Chrono Trigger while I was sick was amazing. He looked so sleepy then too. RIP, duder..

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This tore me up today but I can only imagine his wife and friends feel a thousand times worse. RIP, duder.

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In my spare time at work, I doodle in MS Paint to pass the unbelievably boring day. The last few months, I decided to draw up some video game art that I'd like to share. Maybe this will inspire others to use Paint and draw up something good.

Kratos, which is now my avatar.
Blue dude #1
Sonic the Herrro

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@jking47 said:

Even the video has no content.

You don't understand art, do you?

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@zeforgotten: Yeah, vanilla SWG is still my favorite MMO of all time.