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Patrick, you truly are the reason I come to this site. The quirky video Quicklooks and good times have diminished somewhat with Ryan gone and you not in the office, but it's your focus on actual game journalism that makes GiantBomb a worthwhile stop on the web.

I challenge any other site to bring the poignant and thought provoking issues to the forefront the way you do. It's what sets GiantBomb apart.

Thank you, for not just this article, but for the enormous body of work you have provided to this community. It really is something special.

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Still needs to address the patching issue.

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Its really truly tough moving on from this news announcement.

Ryan's passing has been difficult for all of us, but I'm excited to see the GB crew continue to do what the GB crew does best: play video games. This has been a part of the human experience that has affected all of us deeply. Moving on is always difficult, but I'm excited to see where Giant Bomb goes from here. I'm along for the ride.

RIP Ryan, you will be missed.

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Ryan was the reason I stuck around Giant Bomb. Everybody else grew on me, but he will be truly and sorely missed. RIP.

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Bump for visibility. This issue still occurs for me every day.

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Mac OS X version 10.6.8

Safari 5.1.7 (6534.57.2)

UPDATE: Also, this only seems to happen on the page for the video. I am able to go full-screen if the video is featured on the main page just fine.

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Unfortunately, pressing F11 was not effective. It served to bring the screen back to normal mode, not to make the splash information go away.

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Whenever going to Full Screen mode on the new site, the search/information bar doesn't minimize properly. In fact, it plasters itself all over the middle of the screen! Here's a Screenshot.

Windowed mode however, does work fine. It requires me to resize the browser window to the full size of the monitor, and is not an ideal solution.

Yes, I understand I could just use a different browser. I like Safari and don't want to use a different browser.

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Not that Alex writing news is a bad thing. I like his particular brand of snarkiness... in moderation.