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Disappointed we didn't hear any followup to this story on the bombcast this week. Seems like a pretty huge story.

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What is the price of the PSP unit itself?

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God, I love Alex Navarro.

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I absolutely love the video content that Whiskey Media produces. I have my Mac hooked up to my big screen TV and love to view Quick Looks and Product Reviews while sitting on the couch. This works out great, although I'll admit sometimes the RPG's drag on forever and I fall asleep.

I've only got one issue with all this! Sometimes I forget to move the cursor to the corner of the screen before I go off to sit on the couch, and then it's annoyingly hanging out on top of all the great video! The bottom bar (time, volume, whatever) goes away, the mouse cursor does not. I don't have this issue with other services like YouTube or Hulu. I don't know if this is something that only I am experiencing, but if there is a solution, it would make my never-ending quest for laziness much easier.

Thanks for the hard work you guys do. The new website redesign is... well it's growing on me. Having all the videos in one spot is certainly an improvement.

I am using:

Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 Build 9L31a

Safari - Version 5.0.5 (5533.21.1)

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I would of liked to see some more specific dates for many of the quotes provided here.  Context is everything when writing this kind of piece.

I'll echo the sentiment that while the retrospective was cool, this article was essentially spurred on by an unconfirmed rumor that didn't amount to anything.  Is this actually news?
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Boggle Boppin'
Platform: NES

Title card opens on Vivian, our main character.  She is a young girl, getting ready for bed.  Still images show her brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, and kissing her parents goodnight.  In block letters at the bottom of screen, the following text scrolls:

Join Vivian and her friends The Boggles as they fight their way across 6 side scrolling levels.  The Boggles are small, ball like creatures that come in 3 different colors, Red, Blue, and Yellow.  By bopping them on the head with her Magic Hammer, the Boggles will unleash their own unique abilities to help Vivian in her adventures.  Place and bop multiple Boggles in the same spot to combine their powers and unleash the full spectrum of their powers!

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Man Jeff, I really wanted to listen to the whole thing, but I found myself shutting it off about half way through.  You might need to hang it up sir.

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How about some video of this thing in action? 
All I've ever heard is that "It looks really great, but you have to see it in person to believe it!" 
Until we can really see what the 3DS is capable of, my dollars are staying firmly planted in my wallet.

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Now... jump in the river.  Yess...... Yes.....

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Why wasn't this announced at E3?  I'm excited!