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No? Why? Anime will seem stupid and dumb as long as you don't know shit about it. Same as baseball, american football, soccer, curling, or whatever the fuck else you don't know anything about. Way to be biased OP.

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Is it such a surprise to anyone? Really? The game came to PC already butchered and console-friendly.  

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Interesting. I'm in.

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I'll wait for all the DLC to come out and then will replay the main game + additional content. 

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There are no elements of luck in the game. There may be imbalance, but your lack of scouting is not a luck element whatsoever. Warcraft 3 is the game that had luck involved because of rpg elements (item drops could simply change the outcome of the game to a certain degree. Book of the dead anyone?). Fog of war is a luck element? Pfttt.

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@gizmo88 said:
" Something about SC2 reeks of 1990, and not in a good way.  Company of Heroes changed my opinion about RTS games. Lazy game design really stands out to me now.  (ie Select all + attack is about as deep as the combat gets in SC) "
And this is why the news about sc2 should not be posted on giantbomb.  
Besides, all the people who play the game know about the patch already, so what's the point?
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God damn it, where/when was this vote? This is the first time I see anything about users voting on their top 10 games of 2010. :(

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Heavy Rain. Didn't play it myself per se, but I did help by blaming people who effed up with controls and killed our FBI agent. ;(