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I am the creator of Ghost Problems. This is not an official Ghost Problems Threequel. Me here at Ghost Problems is flattered by the admiration but we have nothing to announce at this time in regards to the Ghost Problems series.

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Man, you guys are SMART

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I'm saying Ghost Problems, not out of self-interest, but because holy shit that was the greatest thing ever as a Giant Bomb fan seeing how much they loved that. :D!

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@chaosnovaxz: Fair enough. :)

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@chaosnovaxz: When I think "male rights", I think of the same sort of dumb people who complain that there isn't also a White Entertainment Television, and how 99% of society allows men to prosper, so I can deal with 1%.

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@chaosnovaxz: I was totally referring to the 99.9999999999999999% of MRA stuff which is horrible sexism, not dismissing any issues at all and I'm not sure why you jumped to that conclusion.

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@chaosnovaxz: Let me know where I said that and I'll respond to your terrible argument. :)

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Great post, Patrick. I don't know if people realised this but the main point of Ghost Problems was that guys on the internet who are all about "men's rights" and that dumb crap are complete morons. I thought it might have even been heavy-handed.

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@ThePickle said:

@dshban: Was collusion a serious problem on set?


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There is a slight crossover in Ghost Problems More, now available!

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