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As an indie developer who's also been working on a game with the Revolution as the period-focus, I am ecstatic to have a series like Assassin's Creed as a Patriotic brother! Seems like a really great move for AC and, I can tell you from experience, the Revolution is a time ripe for storytelling. Make sure to check out what we're doing on the indieDB page for Children of Liberty: http://www.indiedb.com/games/children-of-liberty

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Definitely play it on PC, especially if you enjoyed Diablo 2. I can only imagine how sore your thumb would get having to hit X to attack over and over again, versus the ability to left click infinitely with your pointer finger.

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Gonna go with Jar of Flies because it gave birth to masterpieces like No Excuses, I Stay Away, and Rotten Apple, and was recorded in, like, a week. BAM!

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@Garris said:  

 do everything for dethklok

I agree completely. 
Also, manliest metal ever. Love me some Viking Metal, especially when they take the form of a drinking song: