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I completely agree with you.

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I played Eve for a little while a few years ago. I only ever did mining, but I actually really enjoyed it. I never got a feel for how to do anything else in the game, and by now most of the knowledge I had is gone. Still, I trained up through mining barges and actually have a fair bit of resources for a newbie.

I would really like to try getting back in, but only if I could play with some duders.

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I think he is spot on. I like video games, and sometimes they tell fun stories. But the medium is inherently flawed for telling traditional narratives. That's why games like Gone Home and Papers Please succeed far greater than Bioshock. They use the medium to their advantage rather than let it drag them down. Games like Bioshock are constantly at odds with themselves: shooting hundreds of dudes followed by poignant narrative is not very effective storytelling. Cognitive dissonance is a mainstay of traditional narrative storytelling in video games. We should stop chasing that.

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I'm more and more convinced he is made up.

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I am cool with it behind a pay wall but is it possible to have a podcast like that still available on apps like instacast? All my listening happens on commute and if I can avoid having to manually download it to my phone from elsewhere that would be awesome but not a deal breaker if you can't.

I would also like to know about this.

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I hope that's true. Despite everything, I still have fond memories of Kingdom Hearts, and will happily play the (supposedly) final game in the series proper. I'll even brush up on the ridiculously complicated story that I've missed having only played 1 and 2.

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@jz said:

There was fire in the eyes of everyone. There was a real "we're making it happen, in this basement" vibe

Absolutely I get where you're coming from. And they had a real ambition to make some high quality produced content. You saw that with shows like TANG. I love the stuff they do now, but I would love if we got a little more of that old Giant Bomb feel.

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@starvinggamer: I suggest you use it in conjunction with SkyRe. It works best that way.

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@skweezyfbaby: You are totally right. Wow that's kind of creepy.

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Well the y axis is only social issues, so this has you as a social liberal, but also a fiscal liberal. Whereas "Libertarians" seem to mostly identify as socially liberal fiscally conservative.

Yeah, I don't really think I'm much of a Libertarian so I dunno.