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 "Islam is the light" if you squeeze it just right

LMFAO!!! yeah, not only we have to worry about the pedophiles, but also the islamic fundamentalists aswell.

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already thinking about NOT getting this

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its a shame that after playing the demo, i want to hate this game sooo much. this game is a NO THANKS for me.

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i checked Rotton Tomatoes and the movies is now like around 66%, to me, 66% isn't that too impressive. but i guess i'll go see the movie anyways and see for myself. i have never heard about the Watchmen till now, so im interested to see whats all the fuss is about.

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last played: GTA4

next purchase: GTA4: L & D

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avoid him at all cost

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TeflonBilly said:
"OmegaPirate said:
"why are people complainign about the fact that for once you are not just a floating camera???"
Yeah, I liked that. Added to teh whole "weight" concept I alluded to earlier.
But am I the only one who felt like the dude you were was kind of short?"
i heard you will grow taller over the period of the game. the character is still undergoing puberty
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OmegaPirate said:
"why are people complainign about the fact that for once you are not just a floating camera??? The weapons and movement feel spot on - firing a gun and moving and aiming are all  prety tricky things to do  - let alone all at once - for once a game steps out and puts a semi-realistic tint on on it -dares to not have people running around like theyve taken 30 caps of lsd (hello CoD)  - and the first thing people do is moan??
Stop trying to compare games to eachother- enjoy a game for what it is -yes this feels nothing like CoD 4- no thats not a bad thing, yes it takes time to get used to - unless we all want to be playing CoD4 for the rest of our lives the consumer needs to get out of this mindset pretty damn quick
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Zsciaeount said:
"Played the demo.  Meh.  The gameplay is standard fare.  The sound is excellent, and the first bit of the visuals is OK, but after that, it all looks pretty bland.  There are some nice lens flare effects, but when you're not looking into the light, it actually does not look all that impressive.  I think people are just desperate for a good PS3 game, and this one has been deemed good enough.  I'll wait for Uncharted or God of War."
this is from a guy who has a picture of master chief for his avatar.
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i just found out that i can peak out from cover and aim at the same time, now im massacring all of them, lol.