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What will they do with the name if they decide to continue the series? (havent watched ep. 11 yet) Do you think they'll change up the name?

Metal Gear Scanlon: Sons of Ryckert (!?)

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I can't wait to play this, it would be rad to play with fellow duders.

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Lisa Lisa hype!

So Old Joseph is available in US/Canada PSN store right now. I've purchased him but am unable to find him in character select. I think its bugged? Can anyone confirm this?

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@aegon: I thought the ending was pretty anti-climatic, and dumb. Although they released a "director's cut" that is a whole brand-new episode 12 that is nothing like how the show ended. Actually watching that made me think that show was pretty alright. I guess I'm looking forward to season 2

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Hahaha, yess. Well done!

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So getting people together to play this game is a bit hard, not a lot of people like to have fun apparently.

That aside, the developers are getting together on Xbox Live and PSN to play with the community to celebrate Anarchy Reign's first year anniversary. The dev's will be online on the 23rd and 24th of this month.

Here is a link with more details: http://wp.me/ppp63-1zw

See you online

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The Boss -> also pretty rad

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@babychoochoo: I like you, friend. Let's do it. Hopefully more people chime in and we can make this dream a reality.

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Yo duders! I know it's been asked before but this game is rad as hell!! I dreadfully wait online but no one joins because no one plays online anymore.

Brass tax: does anyone want to get together and organize an game night? A single battle royale will hold 16 players. We'd hold it on a specific day sometime in the future and just spend it have the most fun ever!

I unfortunately only have the PS3 version of the, but if someone wanted to get an Xbox one going, yo, that's fine too. I just really want to play this w/ people, as the bots do pose a challenge, it just doesn't feel the same. Also a lot of the achieveables are tied to online, but that's not the priority. I just really want to play this game. Come on guys please.



Btw: PSN is same as username: DualFayte.