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Given the recent hotness that surrounded the latest Tarantino film Django Unchained some time ago with it being criticized as being too violent (an arguement Tarantino will likely never be able to shake off) and films like it as being one of the reasons for violence occuring in real life; the pointing to a popular medium, be it films, comics or indeed games will continue to be present and film is a medium that has been around considerably longer than games. This fingerpointing will continue for the foreseeable future, especially around the time when incidents like Sandy Hook take place.

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Why is it called Brothers in Arms ?

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Why is it called Brothers in  Arms ?

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I dont understand slimes....

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It felt like that dude was possessed by some ghost or something...somebody call an exorcist!!

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Mine would definitely be the death of Tommy Angelo, the main protagonist in Mafia...that scene is still the most emotional moment I have had with video games.

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You guys are awesome and you cant stop the endurance run....I really want to know who the culprit is and weirdly enough I have  grown fond of  these characters and it would be sad not to see if Funky has another riddle or if Charlie gets it on with Chie could just record the camping trip without commentary if you dont want to go through that again or just go on with episode 51. But one thing is clear, the madness of Persona 4 cant end!!!

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Its a real shame indeed.....

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The first Mafia is one of my favourite games of all time. Yeah...really excited for this.  I like everything that has come out about this game so hopefully it will be my favourite game of...