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I think this game looks like the bees knees and I want it.

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Sam and Max are awesome and I'd love to win them. Who wouldn't want their own rabbity thing?

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It's good to see someone finally utilizing the Cell processor to it's fullest. Those cars are so realistic.

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Oh he's got the power to plug into things. All kinds of things. Except for European sockets. You have to get the PAL version for that.

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This is a though call but I think I agree with keeping the games together. I understand the desire to seperate them for collection purposes but I think keeping duscussion about the game to one wiki is more important. Besides you can note in the collection list that you own both versions. Let's be honest here, they are pretty much the same game. Same plot, same locations, same ending. A hand full of pokemon doesn't make that big a difference.

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The_Real_LJ said:
"Yeah.  The forums need cleeaned up and there are already quite a few posters that should be banned.  But...hey...if they don't take the forums (community) serious...then I doubt they take the site seriously.  If this continues like this the only people using it will be immature kids swearing at each other and posting porn. 

How do you NOT ban someone for posting porn?"

I don't see how you can imply that they don't take this site seriously, or that the forums will make or break the site. I'm fairly impressed with how little there has been of "immature kids swearing at each other and posting porn", given that there are practically no solid rules and few moderators. I've seen other similarly lax forums go to shit because of the lack of rules and this one seems to be controlling itself.
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I agree with the Giant Bomb is not Gamespot people. I'm sure the guys at GB only ever wanted to make a site where people could get together and share there love and knowledge of video games.