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Thanks for the heads up, I think I've grabbed everything that I wanted and still have leftover coins and unregistered games to boot. Now I"m just contemplating if it's worth it to grab some N64 games in hopes that they're going to introduce them to the Wii U and offer upgrade prices like they did with SNES.

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Goes to a "file not found" page.

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Do you provide services to small business owners?

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It's a fantastic game with a great sense of style, the last stretch of the game is brutal. If you do get the game there are a few techniques you'll probably need to know about to make it through the game without ripping your hair out...specifically a combination of Slow + Zoom + Punch.

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@themanwithnoplan said:

Yep. Look at the front page duder.

Ah, there it is >_<

I blame it on the information overload.

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Is there going to be a stream of the Nintendo stream?

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At the moment, there are no games that support multiple Wii U tablet controllers. Using a tablet controller is optional for both single-player and multi-player but you do miss out on a handful of levels in single-player. You can choose to use Wii Remotes + Nunchuck, Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii Classic Controller Pro.


y u bump dis?

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SO powerful.

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I think the deal was only in the west since the only people I've seen grab that deal are from B.C. and I didn't see it happening in Ontario. I hope it didn't happen in Ontario since I bought a Wii U from Futureshop at $299 + free $50 gift card.

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Best PS1 numbered Final Fantasy. I'd tell all you IX lovers to suck it but we'll all be dead by the time the ATB gauge is done filling.