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Goes to a "file not found" page.

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Do you provide services to small business owners?

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It's a fantastic game with a great sense of style, the last stretch of the game is brutal. If you do get the game there are a few techniques you'll probably need to know about to make it through the game without ripping your hair out...specifically a combination of Slow + Zoom + Punch.

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@themanwithnoplan said:

Yep. Look at the front page duder.

Ah, there it is >_<

I blame it on the information overload.

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Is there going to be a stream of the Nintendo stream?

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At the moment, there are no games that support multiple Wii U tablet controllers. Using a tablet controller is optional for both single-player and multi-player but you do miss out on a handful of levels in single-player. You can choose to use Wii Remotes + Nunchuck, Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii Classic Controller Pro.


y u bump dis?

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SO powerful.

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I think the deal was only in the west since the only people I've seen grab that deal are from B.C. and I didn't see it happening in Ontario. I hope it didn't happen in Ontario since I bought a Wii U from Futureshop at $299 + free $50 gift card.

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Best PS1 numbered Final Fantasy. I'd tell all you IX lovers to suck it but we'll all be dead by the time the ATB gauge is done filling.

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A rat. Those things are damn massive and were yellow because of the formaldehyde filled jar we had to remove them from. I almost want to say that one person was freaking out because his rat was pregnant. Not a dissection but once I got to university a friend of mine in the biology department grabbed his access card and took me to some restricted cadaver section. Lots of fun stuff there.