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I would like for them to make those into podcasts as well. The visual aspect adds very little in that particular case, and they talk about it in a way that's perfectly suited to the podcast format.

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I'm in a similar boat. I still play "non-podcast" games every now and again (mostly the Witcher right now) but with the extremely limited free time that my daily life is currently allowing me, I too gravitate towards games that don't require me to be fully invested in them. Specifically, I play matches of FIFA, because they're a short burst of relaxation to me, while listening to a podcast or watching a video by Giant Bomb or similar. I also play lots of online chess blitz matches, which require focus to an extent, but also allow me to get multiple impulses at once. Maybe that's just because I'm about as average a player as they come in blitz though.

I think it's because I've grown so accustomed to having multiple impulses at once, that not having that effectively puts some kind of weird strain on my ability to focus and not get bored, if you will. I think it's similar to the way people look at their phones while they're watching TV. I don't watch much TV, but I do enjoy FIFA and chess. Those two games just don't hold my attention well enough if there's not another "layer" of impulses on the side, though. Thus, I listen to podcasts while playing FIFA. I would not do one without the other at this point. And because these games allow me to jump in and have a quick and gratifying experience in 20 to 30 minutes at a time, they get prioritized over, say, playing the Witcher, because spending half an hour and knocking out two things at once -- a bit of the Bombcast, and a game of FIFA -- is easier to find the time to spend three to four hours a time on an RPG.

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Oh man, the new season is here? I would've never known if not for this thread. Thank you, topic creator man!

Off to acquire that right now.

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I believe they said (near the very end of this week's Bombcast) that they're working their way up to being podcast-capable right now, and the first one should be available very soon. Or did I dream that? I'm suddenly experiencing a whole lot of doubt.

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@kasaioni said:

@pierre42: I can see where you're coming from. But I do think it's one of those situations where Kojima just wanted to do this because he wanted to do this. That he wanted actors that would be more cinematic for the game. I think another one of the reasons was that he thought David Hayter's voice wouldn't fit the tone of the game as well as before, but don't cite me on that one.

Keep in mind that, as much as Big Boss won't be talking, so won't the Japanese voice actor (Akio). In that sense it seems his reason for changing the voice are likely story of thematically centered. He changed the voice to match the story, not the other way around. But no one has to accept that yet, and can better judge the decision when the game comes out.

And if Kojima is changing dialogue for the sake of the voice actor's voice, then people who say that Kojima doesn't care about Big Boss's voice actors have to carry that judgement to Big Boss's English and Japanese voice actors.

I think this is correct. If Kojima's team truly wanted to pull another Raiden-esque bait-and-switch on the players, the "voice actors amounting to a clue" thing would have to be pursued with the Japanese cast as well. I think it is just a matter of them wanting a high-profile actor, to further increase the cinematic allure of the game.

I totally get that people are upset over it though, and want it to be something more meaningful than that. Snake is an iconic character, and Hayter did a fantastic job giving him an iconic English voice as well. Personally, I'm thankful I get to play the Japanese version and simply hear good ol' Ôtsuka Akio pulling off that deep growl. If he had been switched out, I would have been pissed as well.

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The Secret Theatre is absolutely fantastic. Drew would probably think it was really funny, based on his reactions to the weird stuff in the games so far. They'd have to dig out a PS2 Subsistence copy to play it, though I suppose that shouldn't be much of a problem.

So, basically, I agree. @danryckert, if you're reading this: this is a great idea!

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Half Life 3 has more of a chance of still being thought of by Valve as a viable move at some point in the future than The Last Guardian has of being considered as such by Sony, I think.

But yeah. Neither is ever coming out.

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This is fantastic. I wasn't aware you still did these. I'll listen to this one and heartily enjoy it. Thank you so much for your efforts!

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What? No! :(