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I thing mustard is absolutely horrible, so no.

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I too am Belgian, and was very pleased to finally see our team performing at the level that they, on paper, should easily be capable of. We lacked the ability to finish (which nearly cost us dearly, with that one chance in the 91st minute for USA that could well have cost us the game) but other than that, we played great football. Tim Howard had a great match, and as such I went into full-on nailbiting mode from the second half on, when every consequent missed opportunity seemed to increases the chances of us letting in a goal from those crosses that just kept on coming.

For the Belgian side, I feel De Bruyne in particular played spectacularly. He may not look the part, with his almost comically red-faced appearance, but if he keeps on playing like this, he could go very far indeed. As for next Saturday... Argentina supposedly looked relatively bleak against a strong Swiss side, so anything's possible. We have to believe in our chances, though I've no doubt that Messi inc. will cause us a lot of trouble as well. Here's hoping our finishing will be much better then.

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Oh lord, that Akinfeev mistake is going to go down as this world cup's Robert Green moment.

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Well, I'm Belgian so I'm really pleased that we managed to pull through against an Algerian side that played incredibly negative football, but we'll need to step up our game. Vertonghen gave away a penalty incredibly foolishly (though I suppose he must've panicked as he realised he was caught out of position when that cross came off the winger's foot). Our buildup was far too slow during the first half, though we did come out of the dressing rooms with a more audacious attitude, it seems. Ultimately, we were saved by two great substitutes, Fellaini and Mertens, though. I think both of them deserve to start against Russia next Sunday after this performance. After this win, I'd say we stand a fair chance of making it out of our group, but the passes will have to be far better, more imaginative and thus a bit more risky if we are to create good chances against the Russian side. During the first half, the amount of safe back passes was maddening. I suppose our squad being in a weird dark horse position has put intense pressure on the players. I hope they'll be able to relax some after this; if they loosen up, they might end up displaying very decent bouts of football in the matches to follow. Fingers crossed, I'd say.

I wonder what Brazil will be able to do against Mexico. They're still favourites in this match, as far as I'm concerned -- I expect them to grow as this tournament goes on -- but Mexico is a very good side. Should be a nice match, though I'll not be able to watch it.

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Man, Pirlo is just the sexiest man alive, isn't he? The way he strolled about on that pitch, in that heat, giving out masterful passes to teammates and making it look easy in the process... A draw would not have been out of place here, but I was still sad when his final free kick hit the bar. That was a thing of beauty.

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I understand that you have a small staff, but people love you guys AND you are well-respected, which is an extremely coveted position to be in. So did you really need to capitalize on that by adding Premium content? I'll admit that I almost subscribed a couple of times, but never did simply for the fact that the kind of stuff I now have to pay for is the kind of stuff that made me love the site in the first place, back when it was just there to enjoy.

Yes, they do want to capitalize on that. I'm not privy to Giant Bomb's business plans, obviously, but to me, it came as no surprise at all that they eventually introduced a paywall, and would then go on to focus on stuff that people are actually paying them for. Those early years, when all of the site's content was free, were simply a way to bind as many users to them as they could before bringing up the whole "hey, we're trying to make this into a profitable thing now, so please pay us if you want us to continue" bit. It's nothing unusual, as far as I know, for a business to market themselves in this way. There are periods of content drought, but personally, I'm pretty satisfied with what Giantbomb offers me in return for the 3 or 4 euros that constitute the monthly fee. Giantbomb is here to make money for those guys (and CBSi, at this point) and to that end, it only makes sense that the crew caters to paying members above all. If you want in on that content, you are supposed to subscribe. That does not strike me as particularly immoral, truth be told.

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Well, I got the Blessed Mace +1 and that has helped me out greatly so far. In combination with my Soul Arrow, which I've been whoring against bosses like the little pussy I am, it's allowing me to progress quite comfortably. The only real downside so far has been that I now have to upgrade both Faith and Magic to keep my weapons decent in terms of damage, but that can be dealt with, I guess. Thanks for all your advice, guys!

I almost had a heart attack right then and there when I accidentally smashed my mace into Stockpile Thomas' face though. "What in the world are you doing?!", he yelled to me, clearly infuriated, but I hastily turned off the PS3 and upon rebooting he was back to his brooding manners. There have been few times I've been so relieved after resetting a video game. I suppose I was just in time to stop the game from quicksaving or something. God damnit Demon's Souls. You are hell and catharsis like few games I've yet played.

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I've already beaten 1-2, 2-1 and 4-1, as well as having grinded the skeleton dudes in 4-1 for quite a while. I'm not exactly inclined to start over, therefore. The mace sounds like a good idea, I guess I'll go for that. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Oh man, really? That sucks. Hmm... Guess I'd best find another weapon to use then. Any tips on that? I felt like I was doing quite well up to this point (though again, I'd already watched Brad play some of it so there's that) and this idiocy has really taken the wind of out my sails.

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So, inspired by Brad playing this game, I decided to pick up Demon's Souls, and it seems great so far. I took the same route Brad did, namely picking the Royal class like the pussy I am. In 4-1 I picked up the Crescent Falchion +1 and loved the sword along with my Soul Arrow.

But then I made an incredibly stupid mistake; I went to the grumpy blacksmith in 2-1 to upgrade my Crescent Falchion to +2, and so I did. Now, I should mention that I'm playing the game in Japanese because I'm in the process of learning to speak and read the language. I noticed there was a second upgrade available with the Falchion that upgraded my physical damage that, in retrospect, was simply called Falchion +1. In the mindset that any available upgrade would actually be a genuine upgrade, I clicked it. After that, I went and tested my fantastic new sword on those brown miner-dudes in the level and was horrified to find the damage I did had been heavily reduced. It was only then I realised my Crescent Falchion was now no longer Crescent, and thus apparently does not scale with my magic stat any more. I'm an idiot.

This, as you might imagine, upset me somewhat. So, my question is this; how do I deal with this? Is there another good weapon I might use in the meantime (preferably one that scales with magic) that can be found in one of the early levels? Also, I'm guessing I'll be able to restore my Falchion to its Crescent status with Darkmoonstone, right? If so, I might try farming it off of the Reaper in 4-2 (the internet tells me he has that stuff) though so far he's been offing me with one hit, so that's not going to be a walk in the park.

Any tips would be appreciated.