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Interesting that you should say that. I just so happen to have picked up the Japanese version of this game earlier today, and plan on playing it soon. I'll be interested to see how the conversations differ, based on what I remember from playing it in English a few years back (when I didn't know any Japanese, heh.)

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Isn't that they just having to adapt for scene durations?

I don't understand much about japanese at all, but I've heard that there are like single phrases in Japanese that if translated literally would turn into a 2 page essay in english...

No, that was probably just someone exaggerating, I fear. The Japanese language is definitely constructed in a way that allows for the conveyance of a lot of information in a compressed form when compared to any given English translation, but I can't really think of anything that would be so impossible to translate as to require such drastic changes in tone or dialogue.

Incidentally, I played through all four of the MGS games in Japanese over the course of the previous year. I'd played them before in English, but that was quite a while ago. Back when I was playing them in English, I remember thinking that some of the dialogue was strange or funny, which was often entertaining. The knowledge I have since gained about Japanese has cast a new light on that stuff though. Some of the idiosyncratic ways in which the characters speak in that series ("Metal Gear?!") make a lot more sense in the context of a Japanese anime-styled action game. That's not to say they're not still ludicrous and self-aware in the Japanese versions, but I found myself understanding better what caused the games and their dialogue to be the way it is. I'm currently playing through Persona 4 in Japanese and a similar sentiment holds true there, I think. It makes me wonder whether Jeff and Vinny (or, by extension, Dan and Drew) would find these games more or less entertaining in their silliness if their knowledge of Japan and Japanese had been more profound.

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The HD versions, because there's very little reason not to. I played all of these versions at one point or another and yet I see absolutely no reason to ever go back to the PS2 versions for nostalgic purposes. The HD version is better without sacrificing anything as far as I'm aware. Also, in terms of logical progression of Metal Gear Scanlon, I feel like they need to play an MGS3 version that allows free camera control. It would allow for the perfect journey through the evolving series; playing the original PSX game made a lot of sense. Then, he'll move into MGS2, which is better in pretty much better in every way. After that, MGS3 would offer a game-changing upgrade in terms of playability with that controllable camera, and MGS4, finally, basically controls like a modern game.

And then they should play MGS5, because, based on the TGS demo at least, that game looks like it might be worth picking up for the gameplay alone. But they'll finish long before that comes out, I suppose.

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That's what makes Metal Gear Scanlon so great; all four of the games all well worth playing through, but I honestly feel like MGS1 is just the warm-up; it can only get more fun from here, both in terms of gameplay and in terms of plot craziness.

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This game just looks incredible.

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I'm guessing they'll do one episode this week. I'm in the same boat as you guys; these last few weeks, Giant Bomb has basically become the "site where I can watch Metal Gear Scanlon", with very little other content that has grabbed me. I hope Drew and Dan will find the time to do two episodes again from next week on.

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Don't shake the baby! Congratulations Vinny! :)

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The lengths of the videos have already been mentioned, so I have nothing to add to that, but in regards to resubscribing for this series, I'd like to put in my two cents; they're only four episodes in, but already this content has established itself as my favourite format since the original Endurance Run. It helps that I absolutely love the MGS series, but Drew and Dan also have fantastic chemistry. Drew has seriously struggled with two parts in the game thus far, but it is not at all frustrating or boring to watch, thanks to the way Dan laughs his ass off every time Drew fucks up, and Drew attempts to take it all in stride. Episode 4 has already delivered multiple moments that are going to end up on the inevitable fan-made Metal Gear Scanlon highlight reel.

Dan seems to be making a point of mentioning frequently that he'd really like to go all the way to the end of the series with Drew (I take this to mean they'll try to play 2 - 4 as well -- Peace Walker and the MSX games are probably a bridge too far, though I'd love for them to give those a try as well.) I really hope they get around to it. The prospect of at least 2 - 3 months more of this series to look forward to, excites me greatly. Unless you distinctly dislike MGS, I would daresay this is the best reason to subscribe Giant Bomb has ever offered.

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Dan and drew are gonna play through metal gear solid. So I don't think there'll be a Dan Jeff playthrough of anything for a while

Has this been confirmed? Be still, my beating heart, be still, don't invite disappointment.

Yeah, Drew and Dan said it on last weeks bombcast. They said they'd definitely do 1 and Dan said he wanted to do all of them.

To me last week's Bombcast didn't necessarily sound like them confirming it was definitely going to happen, but rather like them saying they were (merely) considering playing the first one. Maybe I misheard though, I don't know.

In any case, I really hope they do it, and I really want them to play all of the games if it ends up happening. I adore the MGS series, and seeing Drew discover it (and find out that he loves them too, ideally) has the potential to be one of my all-time favourite pieces of content here on Giant Bomb. Basically, ever since they made those remarks on the Bombcast, I've found myself looking at the "Coming Up" section every time I'm on the front page, hoping to see an MGS feature there.

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I thing mustard is absolutely horrible, so no.

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I too am Belgian, and was very pleased to finally see our team performing at the level that they, on paper, should easily be capable of. We lacked the ability to finish (which nearly cost us dearly, with that one chance in the 91st minute for USA that could well have cost us the game) but other than that, we played great football. Tim Howard had a great match, and as such I went into full-on nailbiting mode from the second half on, when every consequent missed opportunity seemed to increases the chances of us letting in a goal from those crosses that just kept on coming.

For the Belgian side, I feel De Bruyne in particular played spectacularly. He may not look the part, with his almost comically red-faced appearance, but if he keeps on playing like this, he could go very far indeed. As for next Saturday... Argentina supposedly looked relatively bleak against a strong Swiss side, so anything's possible. We have to believe in our chances, though I've no doubt that Messi inc. will cause us a lot of trouble as well. Here's hoping our finishing will be much better then.