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@eskimo: key items are added to your inventory that state pretty blatantly enough where they are. If that's not enough, the formerly faded text on the cenotaph in Majula changed with each new DLC release to act as a clue to where the next DLC was.

Personally I'd have preferred more NPCs with dialog to give more flavor to the world, but eh.

Souls is difficult to criticize. It's an excellent series that's held to an even higher standard, so when DS2 rolled round, it's hard not to be blinded by its blatant flaws. The game is excellent and the DLCs all add a whole bunch to the mix, especially if you're playing PvP.

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Iron King: Yes. Sunken King: Eh.. Ivory King: No (but others do like it).

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your vid production is improving.

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I've always liked French, and Chimay is suposed to be pretty good. I would go with France.

Chimay is Belgian.

Anyway, I'd go with France. Sweden is super expensive, but I hear some unis there have international grant programs for foreigners (basically study for free) depending on your course. If you are from Mexico and really want nearly the literal polar opposite, then Iceland will probably make your head explode, because it's mostly cold, there's hardly any trees, and your water smells of poop.

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Does anyone remember if the Quicklook filter generator thingy still works? One user made a thingy that let you sort quicklook by who's starring in it.

I think this is the link.


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look we all know it's going to be shadow of mordor.

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Can someone explain to me why they're in a car?

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How the hell do none of you listen to Dan Savage's Savage Lovecast?

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the sooner these idiots realize that, rather than wasting money making ports of old games, and porting niche titles like ouendan and other weird shit, the better.