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Jackson Pollock took money from the CIA to fight communism - what are you fighting for?

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Raymond Chandler is the pulp go-to.

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I wanted to hate Bastion, I really did, because the hype around it with seemingly overblown bombastic praise heaped upon it from nearly all angles verged on nauseating and I'm a grumpy cynic. Turns out that aside from a few nagging issues here or there, it was really good after all, and seemed to be a shining example of what smaller teams and productions can pull off. Bastion's probably an small dev poster-child by now, but it's a well deserved honor.

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Dave Lang should add the Train Conductor to Divekick.

well at least we know his ground special is a headshot.

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Journos I follow on twitter and elsewhere. Other than my subscription to NSFWCORP and its successor Pando.com, I avoid most news websites like the plague, because they are literally just clickbait nowadays. And of course I'm male and in my 20s.

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Why do I get the feeling this is an idiot gap year student?

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Someone needs to read up on Penn State

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Anthony Burch is a horrendous writer. Someone somewhere at Gearbox thought "Y'know what first game didn't have? Writing. Let's put some of that in." and this is what we end up with: a jive-talking, 4chan meme-spouting hyperactive vision of a tween written by an equally infantile idiot brony who didn't so much tread the line of racism, but rather stomped all over it with no subtlety or nuance whatsoever. "But her parents were brutally killed!" line of defense is idiotic.

It's reminiscent of big budget Hollywood movie pandering by introducing kids into the plot (See also Star Wars, The Mummy, Indiana Jones etc.) and is equally pathetic.

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you're all weird