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I want this to spark a GB podcast civil war of sorts. The bombers vs. the wrasslers vs. the F1ers and Rorie's caught in the middle trying to get you all get along - but Oh No! Conflict of Interest! He already has a podcast!

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99 people have died as a result of this revolution. Russia is starting to finance some help to Crimea, and imposing economical sanctions on Ukraine.

And how do you respond to the revelation in a phone conversation (leaked by the SBU and posted online yesterday) between the Estonian foreign minister and the EU foreign affairs chief that the Maidan leaders purportedly hired the snipers that shot and killed both police and protesters during the violence in Kiev?


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I think you took the words right out of my mouth. I could have saved myself a couple of hours the past couple of days. Please for the love of god everyone write that on a post it note and keep it in mind every time you see a story about Ukraine:


05/03/2014 - truthtellah

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@truthtellah: If anyone is dismissing anything here, it's CNN. Sure, "forced Ukrainization" might not be happening now, but just because someone says they weren't affected by it and writes a nice little sentimental article for a biased news site complete with some pretty pictures thrown in doesn't mean it isn't an issue. That way of thinking is comparable to "I've never seen gays/blacks/Jews/insertminorityofchoicehere being persecuted, I can't see a problem, therefore there isn't one."

But credit where credit's due: if the average idiot manages to read past that line, you get to the meat of the issue:

Yuri in Simferopol told me that it's a handful of pro-Russian extremists in the streets trying to make a scene for Russian video cameras -- they are showing that these are the Russians who request protection!


I got a similar report from Luda in Kharkov. She said that a large group of Russians were brought across the border by buses, and they were the ones inspiring and instigating unrest that resulted in putting a Russian flag on a municipal building.

This is the sort of shit you should be concerned about. These are the same tactics pulled by the Americans in Kiev, they're the same tactics Northern Irish "Unionists" pulled in Belfast during last year's "flag protests" (literally busing in people from other towns and cities) and voila, a lightbulb suddenly goes off in the Kremlin's head and someone there realizes they can do the exact same thing. It's easy peasy: all you do is find unemployed people with a grudge and nothing better to do, wave some money in their face and stick them on the bus.

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"...and there is absolutely no forced "Ukraineization."

Setting aside the fact that it's from CNN, I find that remark highly disputable, especially seeing as she's from Donetsk which is hardly a bastion of free speech. When Yushchenko and Timoshenko were in their respective offices, former President Yushchenko (succeeded by Yanukovych) became an increasingly hardline nationalist, while prior to her arrest former PM Timoshenko herself was showing up at primary schools to read new Ukrainian textbooks to kiddies and spouting demands that teachers speak only Ukrainian to the children, regardless of their aptitude to the language. That's not so much "Russian propaganda", that's the Ukrainian state doing it all on its own and the Russian media reporting on it. Whether or not they drew an excessive amount of attention to it is debatable, but to put forward that "forced Ukrainization" didn't happen as fact is outrageous.

Why the fuck is CNN et al underplaying the fact that ethnic ties and divisions are very much a thing, especially among Slavs? Google "blood vendettas" in Eastern Europe and you'll see generations of folk murdered and counter-murdered over family/clan disputes. Are you that neutered or desensitized in the US to see that people don't need grand visions or ideologies to kick the shit out of each other? Someone's great-grandfather just had to, like, have his pig stolen by his next door neighbour, and if his neighbour didn't speak the same language? Hell then that's all the more reason to go after him and his relatives for the next century!

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"You don't invade another country on phony pretexts to assert your interests" said Kerry in an interview to NBC. Someone find me the biggest facepalm in the world.

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I mean, the doublethink at play is just staggering.

Counterpunch wrote something fun earlier too.


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@devil240z: @sharkethic: For what it's worth, I thought LA Noire's Homicide/Black Dahlia section was excellent, and then afterwards it just stank. If the game were just that part, great, but like you said the plot goes sideways after that high point.

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@snakevsgiantbomb: Is there a special significance to the two-fingers gesture in that vid, other than meaning "peace" or something?

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@dudeglove said:

LA Noire taught me never to play another Rockstar game again.

Because Rockstar did such a bad job of publishing it?

Because it shoots itself in the foot on several fronts, not just publishing. LA Noire is a prime example of a sandbox game that shouldn't have been a sandbox, of ludonarrative dissonance, of bad writing, and of Rockstar continuing its crusade of watching "classic" movies and trying to make games out of them. About the only good thing to come out of it was the delightful article over at Eurogamer, where the writer sat his Dad down to play the game with him, who grew up in LA around the time of the events of LA Noire.