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@SamStrife said:

Hand luggage may be a bit weird. But they're all going to be in their original packaging and stuff so I'm not sure there would be too many issues. It would be much smarter of you to pack them into your main luggage if possible though.

Problem there is it might get tossed around by baggage handlers being a bunch of dicks.

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So basically most shit from fruit and veg to videogames is ludicrously expensive in Russia and I'm wondering that - when I return to the UK relatively soonish - whether or not it would be more efficient to buy the parts there and bring them back with me to the Motherland in my hand luggage on a flight. Money isn't the issue (and yes I am aware of Geno's excellent thread on building PCs) my problem is whether or not airport security will shit their pants when they see a bunch of random metal-y bits going through the x-ray and hold me back from my flight for some bullshit non-reason.

Therefore my question is, GB, have any of you ever brought a bunch of parts onto a flight in your hand luggage? And was it safe to do so i.e. scanners or changes in air pressure or whatever fucking up hard drives? Or did you have any problems? Any advice is appreciated (well not every piece of advice).

Okay go.

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LA Noire

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Worked as a telemarketer for a couple of weeks cold-calling people. I got waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more FUCK YOUs from the ladies than the guys. Men tended to be more sarcastic. The funny (if you can call it that) part was that people would often slam the phone down in such a rage that the call wouldn't hang up, and you'd be treated to an exchange of "Who was that?" "That fucking marketing company again!" for a minute or so. You'd get the usual threats/demands to speak to manager/etc. as well.

Even if you're desperate, don't work at a call center. Ever.

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So what was the difference between McRory's page and other pages that, say, rate the hotness of celebrities or Justin Biebers' latest hairstyle? Was he inciting rape of said women and revealing personal info or whatever? People (quite rightly) whine about SOPA, but it's not often mentioned that Australia's government is notorious for trying to get its filthy hands on the web via draconian legislation. "Be careful" is an understatement - such a verdict gives them precedent to fuck with everyone else. Joy.

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I'm still waiting for Mr. Caffeine to be credited somewhere.

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Titty fucking christ people still listen to BBC Radio 1?

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@Canteu said:

Are you seriously making weather small talk on the forums? Come on man...

Welcome to the UK.

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Anne Hathaway and JGL stole the show. The big reveal (if you can even call it that) at the end was fucking dumb. The whole movie you get fed a spiel about how Bane is this devious badass, then all of a sudden he's just some lovesick puppy. Too much talent with too little time to develop anyone.

But at least Nolan didn't cop out like Kojima, although he should have been fucking killed than some self-sacrifice BS.