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I e-mailed Amazon about it and they gave me a seven dollar promotional credit for my troubles. Not much, but worth a try for all the others that got their shipments late.

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Like the others have stated, cheese is unfortunately a big part of team games, especially at the lower levels. It's a good opportunity to learn the timing and what to look for in regards to rushes, and it shows you the benefit of scouting early. Generally, once you hold off the initial cheese, you've won; it's really an all-in move that requires little skill to pull off. 
If there's any consolation, you can feel better knowing that the other team isn't getting any better by doing the same cheese tactics over and over again.

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Has anyone else noticed a horrendous amount of lag while playing this? I recently started playing again, bought the DLC, and have been experience crazy teleporting all over the whole place.

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I've purchased a Logitech G500 because my old wireless mouse was just plain driving me crazy while playing games. It's a great mouse--comfortable, responsive, and with a wealth of nifty features. Although it sells for $70 at Fry's, I bought it on sale for for $30. If I were you, unless you really wanted one now, I'd recommend hovering around those "tech deal" websites--you usually find a good deal on mouses (mice?) every couple of weeks.

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No, and it isn't a hard decision. If you used the "But you can donate most of that money!" argument, consider the fact that it is blood money. I can't imagine anyone accepting a donation like that if they knew where the money came from. On top of that, even if you only kept and used a single dollar for yourself, it would be morally disgusting to profit from someone else's life.  It is a scary thought that so many people could attach a price tag to human life. Understandable, but scary nonetheless.    

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I would hope that any decent person would at least call the police, but I think anything beyond that really depends on the situation--I would like to think that I would try to physically intervene, but quite frankly, if there's a guy with a gun or a knife, I am not willing to put myself in harm's way if someone is merely going to lose their wallet or purse. If I felt that their life was on the line, however, it might be a different story.  
I would imagine that most police officers would suggest that e don't physically interfere with a situation such as a mugging that could put ourselves in harm's way--if we're running into the thick of it with no plan and no training (as noble as brick hurling is, haha), I think our interference would only make the situation worse. There's no need to play a hero in a situation like that.

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Ah, that solved the problem! Thanks for the help!

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Whoops, it should read "data copy speeds". I gotta put down the bottle.

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Hey guys, I recently purchased a new USB 2.0 8 gig flash drive, and I've been attempting to use it as a memory card for my PS3 so I can carry my MLB saved games between my house and my brother-in-law's. I've been noticing that it takes a LONG time to transfer an only 23 MB file...is this normal? It takes around ten minutes. If it's not, how do I fix this? Thanks in advance for the help.

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Always looking for more suckas to play with! 
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