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From Toronto, Canada here. I mostly play on weekends and nights on weekdays (EST). I'd love to have some friends on my Autolog ! Add me ..

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Did some validation on the returned XML. Looks like right after the <deck> tag information is retrieved, the <description> tag has a CDATA that does not close:

</deck><description><![CDATA[<h2>The Rundown</h2><p>Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer, team-based .......

Not sure why though. I guess it's only the top men who can look at their code. Hope this helps identifying the issue quickly.

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Dang son, you write really well :)

I guess I might know part of what you might have felt, losing someone you cared so much about. I live in Toronto, and I basically got to this city on my own because I had promised someone I would make it to her when I was 16 (I was 23 when I finally got here), only to find she was with someone else. It was hard with no friends here, but I found my way out. And hell, videogames were a big part of my recovery.

Coincidentally, I am building a couple of games as well. I have been programming since I was in my nappies, so if you ever need a programmer to help you out, gimme a shout ! Maybe we can collaborate on something. I think your art rocks !

Keep being awesome. GLHB.

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Game looks "cool". Hah .. see what I did there .. aa .. uhhhh .. uhhhhh. Sorry ..

In all seriousness, looked cool. The ice mechanic seemed like an original idea but the platforming felt very generic. Maybe a little bit more puzzle oriented platforms would have spiced things up. But all in all .. hey, you finished your game and that's awesome !

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And Done. Good luck on your project !

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Game looks cool. Tried playing it .. though for some reason, clicking on objects only works some times. Was using Chrome btw. Maybe I'll try it out later. Good job either way ! Game jams seems fun.

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Buy a short stories collection.

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@SexyToad: You got any spare ones SexyToad ? :P

@Kidavenger: Thanks man. Will check it out !

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Hey there duders,

I was just curious to know if any of you out there live in Toronto and use or have used GameAccess.ca for renting out games. I have a pretty sizeable backlog of single player games which I want to finish over the summer, but I think buying every single one of them won't be feasible. Most of them are games from last year like the Assassin Creed series, Infamous 2 and the likes .. so nothing super new I guess, so I am hoping getting them won't be a hassle. Also, how is the turnaround time in Toronto .. do I get a game within 2-3 days, considering the company is based in nearby Montreal ?

Anyway, any heads up on if it is worth getting a subscription would be truly appreciated.

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Honestly don't know what to say Claude. Except .. all my thoughts are with you and your family. Be strong man !