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Just a quick question

I have been grinding for a bit, finally got a few weapons to 30, beat Venus and Mars (and even got all the plans for Rhino and Mag) so I kinda know the basics, but when is the best time to try the Void missions? I want to finish those warframe blueprints, but I need control modules which look like they come from the Void. Is a level 30 Karak or Boltor and a 30 Excaliber good enough to try the Tier 1 missions?

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Glad Alex won, I wish he did it on his own (he looked like he was going to win anyways) but I suppose this gives them some creative license to make some sort of insane storyline to get everyone involved.

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Should have used the Black Knight 2000 music!

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Operation Finish the Story was a success. Thanks for running me through all that dudes.

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Just a reminder (if anyone looks here) that I would love to make an 8 person run of Castrum Meridianum tomorrow/tonight, 10am Japan Time/ 8pm Central Time, or some time close to that.

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Hey guys, once again I ask the Company for assistance.

I just made it up to Castrum Meridianum in the story and I figure instead of trying to look for a random group to finish it (who would most likely insist upon NOT helping a new non-speed running tank) I'd ask you guys to come and join me on finishing the endgame dungeons. Most of you usually ask for volunteers to run CM most days anyways, so hopefully we can get a full 8 player Company run sometime in the next week!

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I wish I could get it to run period! Im so bummed that whenever I choose to join a server the game crashes when trying to load the level. I updated my Nvidia drivers, restarted my computer and still it wont work!

Hope this wont be the case when it gets released.

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Did this game make any sort of profit for Capcom? I would love another similar game on the new consoles.

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The game is a real slow start. After getting stuck early on (those damn high level bandits near Witchwood!) I nearly put off the game for good. When I came back to it a few days later and tried some of the other classes I fell in love with the game and played it more than almost any other Xbox 360 game in my collection.

My own personal ProTip would be to start the game as a Warrior and keep your main Pawn as a healing Sorcerer. I know it sounds like the usual lame RPG plan, but I could not get to like the spellcasting system, so best left to the AI. When you get high enough leveled near the end-game though, thats when the Archer and Assassin classes shine. It makes fighting flying enemies (notably those pesky dragons!) much easier to deal with.