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I do not envy the Giant Bomb crew for having to figure out where to go from here. I know you guys will do your best and I wish you the best of luck in figuring it all out. At the very least we have the years of great times to go back to so we will never forget what a great person Ryan Davis was in this world.

My condolences to every single person who is affected by Ryan's passing.

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Friend Code: 1676-3722-4010

Name: Duffles

Please PM me so i can add you

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Duffles: 1676-3722-4010

I've got apples, PM when you add me please

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Go ahead and add me

GT: Miedox

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Agreed. A thousand times agreed. I love Zachary Levi's brand of comedy, and he almost made some of the terrible lines he said remotely funny.

You've got to love an award show where the trailers outnumber the awards presented by like 4 to 1. It's also unforgivable to allow MW3 to get their award on stage only for a comedy bit, when other GAME OF THE YEAR nominees Uncharted 3 and Portal 2 never got any stage time for the developers. At the very least the nominees weren't as bad as years prior. Hopefully they won't go back to making the Best Performance Male/Female just a way to get celebrities to show up.

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@bibamatt: This is exactly how it is with me now. After not being tracked for months I re-added my account a couple of times, losing all time stamps associated with the game/achievements. The first time it changed the order to alphabetical, now it is reverse chronological like yours.

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I'll only go to GameStop for trading in games if they had a decent promo (like +50% trade value and i have a game that would be $20 or more normally) or for those older titles they sometimes mark down to $5 used as I've managed to pick up quite a few good games off that. Other than that I'd rather go to anywhere else to buy games.

The local GameStop just up the street from where I live has been pretty good to me in the past. Very few times have I had bad experiences with their staff. Almost every other one I've been to has been terrible.

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I'm surprised they haven't done this with Portal 2 yet on the PS3.

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Burnout 6 (at least i hope)

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My friend got like 1500 points or something, bought From Dust for 1200, and had some leftover. They took the leftover points that were duplicated, so his end balance was what it was before this mess happened.

I spent all the points and some of the points i had before today and my total hasn't changed. Basically I started with 400, got 1320 points, and then spent 1360 on a Games on Demand title. So my end balance as of this instant is 360msp. The game still shows up in my purchase history, and my billing history shows no points being removed (other than from purchasing the game).

XBoxSupport on twitter isn't very informative to the situation. Every question regarding this mess has been answered with "we have no information about that." I too am eager to know if I get to keep what I got like last year's Fable 2 screw up, or if I am to be retroactively charged for this.

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