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Vinny needs to write more! His relentless optimism in written form is just so much fun to read.

Definitely... except for that bummer of an opening. Woof.

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Bump from the dead!

Sorry about that. It's just that I've had a feeling Jeff Green would be hired next year, and was searching to see if there were any rumors floating about this very idea, and found this thread.

Here's why I think this will happen, maybe as early as coming back from Christmas break:

1) While the site doesn't have "infinite finances," like some have snarkily commented on this thread, it does clearly have enough of a budget for another person, since we lost Ryan this year. It had been stated that CBSi has not budgeted for a new hire "for this year," but they will for next year. Even if it's not Jeff Green, I would definitely bet that someone will be hired.

2) Jeff Green's departure from PopCap was... swift. It's sort of hard to define why I feel this way, but in my own reading between the lines with his statements on Twitter, it seemed like he already had a new gig lined up. This coincides with my first reason, as I could see Jeff taking some time off before his new job starts early next year. Since Giant Bomb doesn't have the budget for a new employee this year, but would presumably have one for next, I could see Jeff taking a long break before he starts a GB gig the first week of January.

3) He sure seems to be doing a lot of streaming lately. Something he's never really done before, as if he's practicing to play games before an audience and talk about them. Granted, he could be doing this for his new job at anywhere; at Polygon or JeffGreenLovesJapan.Netcom. I don't know about you, but when I think of playing games and talking over them, I think of Giant Bomb... and youtube... shaddup...

4) When Vinny was hosting a podcast while Brad and Jeff where away, he called in Muir and Green to top off the cast. Now, maybe Vinny and Jeff have been great friends for many years before now, but it seems to me this is a relationship that is newly formed. I just get the feeling it was a "hey, you're going to be doing this stuff in a month anyway, and be part of this team, wanna help out/get some practice in?" sort of thing.

5) He sort of "fits" with Giant Bomb. Not just because they laugh at each others' jokes and are all left-wing hippie moth-... oh, sorry... but he fills in some "experience." He's got a long past in print and been around a long time, so he's seasoned. He's older, married for many years with a grown-up daughter, and has been a PC-pressman most of his life, bringing in some new perspective. Moreover, he's also had a bit of a past in development now, having worked at EA and Popcap. Not exactly a twenty-year-long programmer, but still, he could offer some insight none of the other guys have, except maybe Drew and Rorie, who aren't really prominent "editors" of the site.

6) What prompted this search and post; today Jeff Green said he wasn't going to stream because he was "working on GOTY stuff." Huh. I don't know exactly what that means, but he is not currently working anywhere. Maybe it just means he's playing games he missed out on and that was a joke, or he is working on his next job which is at Rev3, GameBomb, or any other site not Giant Bomb... ... or... ... IT MEANS HE'S ALREAD HERE OH GOD LOOK OUT BEHIND YO-

I dunno, it just feels like it's happening to me. Not a conspiracy theory or anything negative like that. I just really like the site and spend way too much time thinking about it. Personally, while I think Jeff Green would be a great addition, I had always thought the best move would be to hire a new video guy, and then let Vinny sort of be a "bridge" between editorial and production. Let him host the shows and the podcast, edit that too, but also hop over and help with video production during GOTY or BLLSL or E3, or help pump out more Quick Looks during the busy time of year, etc. It would give the site more flexibility, and us more Vinny, which is what the world needs.

TLDR; I like pizza.

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Sorry to possibly clog up the forum, but I'm having trouble finding this information out. I could've sworn there was a initiative of sorts with buying games digitally, where if you bought say $50 worth of games, you would get $5 back in credit. Is true? Was it true? Is it a Club Nintendo thing? Or is my mind just playing tricks on me.

Eager to play Mario 3D Land, but want to get this figured out before I make any purchases. Thanks in advance.

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Jeff said on his tumblr that no one was going to Gamescom.

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@milkman: I'm not saying that it'd be illegitimate to do so, just having a bit of fun and saying that Brad would keep it on his list just to "win a bet" or whatever, which I am not serious about. Just joking.

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Glad I searched around for this, as I was going to make a thread. Can't answer the poll, as I'm not sure if it's asking my opinion, or if by Brad's standards, or even by Metacritic...

Speaking of, according to everyone's favorite aggregator, there already are more than ten games better than Brothers. In order of my own damn subjective standards of what would be most hard to argue against:

The Last of Us

Dota 2

Bioshock Infinite

Papers, Please

Gone Home

Fire Emblem: Awakening


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Year Walk

The Swapper

Pikmin 3

Bit.Trip.Runner 2

MLB 13: The Show

... with Tomb Raider "on the bubble" (one version above, one juuust below) and Heart of the Swarm debatable (is it DLC? An add-on? *shrug*)

Anyway, I think Brad will (stubbornly) keep the game on his own list, but I don't see Brothers being very well represented on anywhere else. If the Giant Bomb community were to vote again (like they used to do) I'd be placing bets on whether it would make the top 20, not the top 10.

The question I'm most interested in is whether anything released on the new consoles will be better than it. I think there will be, and that was the more crazy statement that came out of Brad's mouth, in my opinion.

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I started a 1999 game after finishing the first time, and turned it off pretty much immediately as I realized that none of the progression tracking of the voxophones was visible in the menus any longer. None of that carried over. I combed the entire game the first time through, getting 75/80 of them, and then poof, all gone, with no idea which ones I missed.

I wonder if they'll ever patch that?

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Rorie, I'm so sorry about your penis. :(

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@captrocketblaze said:

I was pushed around when I was younger, but I fixed the problem by standing up for myself. Just sayin.

A friend of mine did that in high school, made the guys look like a bunch of idiots.

Then later that day, they jumped him in the parking lot and repeatedly slammed a car door on his head. Just sayin.

Lesson learned - never stand up for yourself. Instead, go running to mommy/daddy/teacher/etc, because then you won't get jumped afterwards. Bullies always learn their lesson when the mommy comes to the rescue.

Really, what is your point?

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Ctril + F "Unprofessional"


Not off to a great start, Rorie.