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It was even better than a photobomb. It was the moment of pop-in that was just incredible, especially the way Jeff was doing the high-energy "Hulk-smash" look. Brad reminded me of a frightened gofer popping its head out of a hole in the ground to see what the scary sound was.

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And this is only part 1 of 3.  Oh, wait, no. This is Acti Blizzion we're talking about. Of course there's going to be a surprise Xel`Naga part 4.

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The best thing about Halo was the rich color palette. Halo Reach is browning it up. 
The best thing about the Spider-man games was being Spider-man in an open world. They've ditched that whole open world thing. 
Word is the next Uncharted will have no voice-acting, and Gears of War 3 is going to be a platformer with no guns.

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The first three times I heard them say "Playstation Move" I thought they said "Playstation Moon." And I was happy. Moon > Move.

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I can't believe all these people saying it looks like Halo. No, not really. Halo has always been colorful, which in this day and age was really the only thing I liked about it. 

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Wow, they made Halo more brown.

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@atomic_dumpling said:
" @Duffyside said:
In fact, if Assassin's Creed II is on the PC (I'm not sure if it is)
It's not. "
Actually, it is.  http://www.amazon.com/Assassins-Creed-2-Pc/dp/B001TOQ8R0 
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Huh, looking at the data a second time, InFamous is the next exclusive title in the list. Look at the difference in points between Infamous and the ones above it. All those games, except UnCharted 2, are on multiple platforms.   In fact, if Assassin's Creed II is on the PC (I'm not sure if it is), then 2-6 are all on THREE platforms. That's pretty damn amazing. Good for you, Naughty Dog.
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Just chiming in that I was a little impressed at how close the votes between Batman and Uncharted 2 were as well... until I realized that one is a platform exclusive, and that platform being the one with the lowest install base. I would guess about twice as many people played Batman as Uncharted, and yet Uncharted still came out on top. I'm happily amazed at how loved that game is, and hope this means its sales will have legs. The next 5 are all multi-plat, and the fact that it's only that few before 2 more exclusives pop up impresses me. Good for Infamous, Shadow Complex, and especially UnCharted 2.

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I wonder if threads like this are common on GiantBomb, or if these are just the caliber of mutants that only emerge from their lunacy cocoons for meaningless - albeit fun - game of the year awards. 
Anyway, great work this week fellas. I appreciate your efforts. Just two things, should a similar approach for game of the year be taken in the future; 1) if something similar like this happens next year, can you put the game of the year podcast up well before the the article? Nice to hear the discussion without knowing the verdict. And 2) I'd prefer it if the console-specific awards had been spaced out over the week like your individual choices were, as well as their accompanying podcast segments. Would've been nice to have a bit more content every day this week - excluding today - and to have this 3 and half hour podcast be a more reasonable 1 and a half, as well as every other podcast this week being bumped up from 10 - 15 minutes, to 30 - 45. 
Hopefully this doesn't sound "complain-y." I love the site, loved all the content this week, clicked every link, listened to every podcast, made my list, checked it twice... awesome stuff. Thanks.