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Sony delivered big on this. And it's all in addition to the PS Plus we already pay for. Unbelievably rad.

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Playstation Plus is so incredible. The best thing out of this entire generation.

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Clip your entire nail to get rid of all the excess "white," then band-aid it, and make sure as you're doing so you're wrapping/pulling the band-aid and nail in the direction that will press it further down and not pull it up, obviously. In my experience though band-aids often fall off quickly when on the tip of a finger, so gauze/medical tape would perhaps work better, and then just wrap it down your entire finger, or until it feels secure.

Then, when they ask, tell people it's the result of a knife fight, and finish the story with "you should see the other guy," before turning and walking into the sunset slowly, white tanktop blowing lazily in the wind behind you.

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@Phatmac said:

It's a shame, i love littlebigplanet and its on a dumb vita. :/

You have two versions to play on the PS3, plus a PSP game? Don't sweat it?

Honestly dude, the Vita game is true LBP, but I've played this game before.

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@BlackLagoon said:

@Duffyside said:

This thread's purpose is to now guess the game in question.

Hmm... New Little King's Story?

He said it was something they've already covered, so presumably it's either Street Fighter x Tekken or Jet Set Radio.

EDIT: Well, he said reviewed specifically, and they didn't review JSR.

Actually, he said it was a game they already REVIEWED, so it looks like SF X Tekken is the one. ... High five?

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@BlackLagoon said:

Sigh, any chance for Vita Quick Look EXs where the devs bring their hardware for recording, like I assume Atlus did for Gamespot's Persona 4 Golden preview?

Yes, it sounds like Sony has lifted its stance on allowing direct feed of Vita games to get out there. Either that or developers are tired of not being able to promote their games properly and are taking matters into their own hands. Either way, we currently have one such offer on our plate for an upcoming VIta game and we're mulling it over. It's a game we've already reviewed on other platforms, so it's not likely to have a bunch of new info, but I'm interested in getting something Vita-related on the site, so we might just say yes anyway.

This thread's purpose is to now guess the game in question.

Hmm... New Little King's Story?

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Finally. Been wondering if ME1 would make the switch to PS3 for years now.

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Six dollars for cool boxart, eh? You win this round, ACIII. But you may not, NFS and DIshonored!

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Wait. Is it "section" one alpha, or "sector" one alpha?

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I wish I knew how to use photoshop and how to buy it without spending a billion dollars.

I think both the "Tango Down in Section One Alpha" and plaid themes are the right approach to take.

Edit: Ok, charcoal grey shirt with "Tango Down in Section One Alpha" written in blue plaid on the front, with #TeamBrad on the back between the shoulders. Yes, I am submitting an idea via imagination. Deal with it.