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Not a big fan of stickers. I am a big fan of posters though.

Also hoodies (non-zip) and polos.

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Dear Capcom,

If you fuck with the staff credits again, I will never buy a product of yours for as long as I live.



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Hah, XOXO made me chuckle.

Just don't stuff Vinny away in some closet working on videos, please. Not that you guys ever do, but I'm always worried as I know he has "actual work" to do.

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Huh, I wonder why Patrick was the only person to receive this e-mail.

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Watching the games press push this game so hard has been absolutely gross.

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@Winternet said:

You guys think Republique is going to make it?

I am actively routing against it. So yes; it will make it.

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@rebgav said:

The number of people in these comments using this opportunity to push an agenda or give everyone an etiquette lesson seems pretty disgusting to me.

I would stay and chat but I'm off to co-opt someone else's moment of weakness and repurpose it to spread my own poorly conceived notions.

Wow. Well-said.

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@Jellybones said:

@JasonR86 said:

Us 'straight white men' are the worst aren't we?

Statistically speaking? Yes, we are.

Oh man, I can tell your brain is just overflowing with these statistics to prove this point! Thanks for not putting them in this thread, thereby slowing down the entire site with your nearly endless facts and figures.

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@TDot said:

Again, its important to put out that Ryan has used this word BEFORE on other streams and hasn't apologized. Its something he says and its a habit he's trying to break but him saying "That's not me" isn't true.

Y'know, I was going to bring that up, but I'm glad someone else did. But from what I remember, it was two, maybe even three years ago when I last heard him use it on a drivestream. Is that not enough time for him to have become a different person in this respect? Or do you remember hearing him use it lately, besides tonight?

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@TentPole said:

@Duffyside said:

@ZombiePie said:

If you do not know what Ryan said then read the entire thread. All you really need to know is that Ryan is sorry and the Lantern Run when it does go up will be edited.

Certain words need not be repeated. This is certainly one of them. Users who repeat what Ryan said during the stream are completely undermining what he is using this blog for and as such these comments will be deleted. Let's learn from mistakes instead of repeating them, okay?

ZombiePie, you do a great job, and are possibly just doing what the GB crew are suggesting you do in private but... no. Not ok.

I disagree with the deleting of comments that are clearly trying to make light of the issue (especially the really funny ones), but understand why that wouldn't belong in this particular thread. Ok. But not even allowing people to say the word that is pretty much on center stage is... dumb, at best. Oppressive at histrionic worst.

Let's not put our heads in the sand and our fingers in our ears.

I agree that talking around and diminishing hateful words is just as offensive as using them, but I think we need to bow to the wishes of Giant Bomb as it is there site.

Heh, well, to be honest to ourselves, we obviously don't have any choice. Giant Bomb isn't much for user-input on these matters. I could flood this thread all day, it wouldn't make a dent. But, in the same principle, I felt compelled to at least let my distaste for the policy be said just once.