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I have it. Looks and sounds really terrible on the PS3. Thought it would have recieved a HD facelift.

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When it launched, I probably tried it for roughly 60 minutes. Have not touched it since. Will not load it up again. Not my thing.

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Man! All my xbox controllers are so screwed!  
Before I play, I disconnect the battery, and start squashing down all the buttons, and squish the D-pad in circles.  
I swear it warms up the controller and loosens the buttons. 
Try it. Really work it, and you might notice a difference :) 
XBL: Dug Herb

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GiantBomb: DugHerb 
XBL: Dug Herb 
I have a bad K/D ratio, but I really enjoy playing the game and tend to somehow end up on the winning team :)

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I truly believe that if it was up to Bungie, they'd give away content. Microsoft however, has made it very clear they are ready to nickle and dime us for everything Halo. The recent statement declaring that a 3 year wait between Halo titles is much too long, is a prime example of what they have in store for the franchise. Enjoy REACH, as it was made to last us for years to come :) 

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Frigg'n WICKED!!

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Maybe he can throw a couple duckets Giant Bomb's way :)

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Years ago a friend introduced me to an album called The Mollusk by Ween and I was instantly blown away by the comical/mystical lyrics, backed by some truly epic melodic hooks and harmonies.  Since then I have explored all of their albums and they now have a 500+ play count in my itunes. Just wondered if there are any other Ween fans amid the GB community... 
For those who might be intrested in discovering this aural delight, may I suggest the following albums and tracks.. (note: the tracks below are from thier more recent work, which I find to be a little more coherent and listener friendly than their early material.)
Object - La Cucaracha  
Spirit Walker - La Cucaracha
Learning To Love - La Cucaracha 

The Argus-  Quebec 
If You Could Save Yourself - Quebec  
Transdermal Celebration - Quebec  
Even If You Don't - White Pepper 
Falling Out - White Pepper 
Back To Basom - White Pepper 
Ocean Man - The Mollusk 
The Mollusk - The Mollusk 
Buckingham Green - The Mollusk 
Just to get you started.... Enjoy

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Kinda liked Red Dead Redemption. The ending was pretty freak'n cool.

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In my opinion, the Bombcast should remain untouched.  Everybody should have full access to the greatness that is the Bombcast.  Not to mention that my computer boots up every morning and auto-scans via itunes for any new podcasts, and I have grown quite used to this system.  I gladly paid for a year subscription and personally, do not feel entitled to any special features.. (other than the fact I can't wait for my t-shirt)  The honest, unbiased,"add free" content does unfourtunatley comes at a price and it's frustrating to see such a strong community, go through a period of upheaval.  
On another note, the new mobile site kicks ass! I love the fact that you can be logged in to your profile.  This new format has me checking in MUCH more frequently.

My vote.. Leave the Bombcast untouched. 
Keep up the great work guys!!
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