Just a quickie, baby.

Just a quick thought I had, decided to throw it up on my sparsely updated giant bomb page.
Street fighter IV is awesome.
Eleven different kinds of awesome.
The arcade request feature is one of the most brilliant advances in home fighting games in years.
Sentence fragments are really, really fun.
The xbox live name is UnivalentRelic, for anyone who happens to see me, let's get it on.


Nintendo fanboys idiotic solutions.

Just a quick post I'd thought I'd share with all of the zero people who may be reading this;

Just about the comments provided by loyal Nintendo fans, first of all, you wouldn't just need to bring down the resolution of the graphics in the game, you would need to change a whole number of things as well. Zombie count, for instance is something that would come crashing through the roof, instead of the intended two dozen zombies swarming your ass, it would probably have to be brought down to a half dozen at most. Enemy movement and environmental intelligence would have to go down as well, unless you were willing to sacrifice more zombies on screen. The size of the maps, another important and attractive feature would be massively downscaled as well, as would objects you are able to interact with recieve a downgrade in the looks and functionality department.

There is a lot more going on under the hood of RE5's game engine than immediately meets the fanboy eye and it's troubling to see that the group of people who should know their console inside and out could stand out and say "why not me, too?" I have no problem at all with the Wii, other than the fact that the only developers seeming to take it seriously are those inside Nintendo's cavernous offices in Japan. 

If Wii owners want a version of Resident Evil all their own, I suggest they wait for a property  that has been built from the ground up to support the Wii architecture. Perhaps a Resident Evil themed kart racing game? Or maybe Super Resident Evil puzzle fighter?

Okay, now I just seem bitter. 


Well I guess I'll have to put something here.

I feel bad about having a page with no reviews or anything remotely useful on it, so I'm importing my review for Grand Theft Auto 4 that I wrote on Gamespot.
It's not the most glowing review of the game, and that's how I feel, Gamespot users didn't seem to agree with me, I wonder if you guys will.

But I doubt it.


So this is the giant bomb.

The time for patiently twitting my thumbs is over I suppose.
Now the challenge is to make this site the true definition of the encyclopedia of gaming, but I know as a community, we are well staffed for such a challenge.

Now that my opening statement has finally been spent, I can get down to business.
The business of doing shit all it seems.

I picked up Alone in the Dark a couple of weeks ago, played about 3 hours into it, realized I'd made a huge mistake and went out and bought Forza 2 for 30 dollars.
I think I won in that exchange, except now I have to store Alone in the Dark in my house for however long it takes it to biodegrade.

The only release I see on the calendar that does ANYTHING for me for the forseeable future is Soul Calibur, and that doesn't even look that good.
So the next few months may be PC gaming times.
No complaints here actually.

Less rambling blog next time?
Don't count on it.