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This is incomprehensible.

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Never a good story, hope there aren't TOO many layoffs.

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I still enjoy them, but my basic rule is if I would not normally give a damn about the game, then I don't watch the QL. However, the WWE '13 QL today was amazing. Go watch that for at least the last twenty minutes.

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@Vinny_Says said:

Look at it this way:

Any federal government sign is written in both English and French.

Any provincial government sign is written in English in every province except Quebec.

In Quebec there is a law that every sign must be written in French followed by English.

I'm not a lawyer, but having lived here for so long it's my understanding that that's how it works.

Imagine if america had a state full of Spanish people who didn't want to lose their native language and made a bunch of laws to preserve it, and sometimes they wanted to separate into their own country.

So no, not everyone in Canada speaks french.

I was going to write about how it is in Alberta, but this, this is perfect.

Also, I was taught it exclusively in elementary (k-6) and remember basically zero percent of it aside from the national anthem in French, which is stunningly useless.

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I've been watching Jeff Gerstmann on the internet for far too long to not consider it creepy now. I was glued to the internet drama back with Kane&Lynch.

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I have huge trust for the GB crew, I'm nervous as all hell but whatever happens, it will be interesting.

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@coonce said:

I will be embarking on a 12 month journey chasing the endless summer around the globe.

Love you guys to pieces.

That is the most Coonce thing I could possibly imagine you doing.

Fucking rock on man.

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I trust you guys, but I am very, very worried.

Please don't betray that trust.

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Awesome, thanks guys.

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@YI_Orange said:

Haven't even watched an entire match and I'm already getting stressed just watching but wanna get back into SC 2 so bad. I hope HotS can pull me back in.

Same here, I loved playing but didn't find a lot of success in multiplayer. Watching better players certainly rekindles the desire.