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I still need to finish the first one. It's probably not going to happen with the backlog of better games I have to play.

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Hey everyone. I am duhJeenyus, a refugee of the land of Kotaku. 
My first love is me. 
I love punk, metal and all types of ill shit. Usually I like to play PS360 with my buddies when we don't get drunk at the bar.
My dog Magoo likes to nap next to me when I play videogames.  
My friend is not allowed in my house because my wife is jealous of anyone that is female and shares interests with me. 
I'm an egotistical bastard.

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I personally hate the new Kotaku/Gawker site layout. Along with everything else that I dislike about Kotaku, this new layout pushed me over the edge to finally delete my bookmarks. The only thing that bums me out is missing out on io9 stories. Oh well.