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Sweet, I've been waiting for this for the past couple of months.

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Well, hopefully the Sony VR is good then.

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Logging out and logging back in usually fixes it for me.

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Sometimes, often when it is a game that I have played before but never paid for. Other than that I usually buy with the intent to play, but that does not always happen.

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You're probably not going to see another Need For Speed game from Criterion, as they were split up with the majority of the team forming Ghost Games.

To quote from the wiki:

In September of 2013 Criterion creative director Alex Ward informed the world via twitter of major changes at Criterion. The majority of the studio was already working with Ghost Games on Need for Speed Rivals. At some point during this process those team members at Criterion working on Rivals formed a new company, Ghost UK. Alex Ward and about 14 others remain with Criterion and EA, have moved locations, and are continuing to work on something new.

So technically the people who would have made the game at Criterion are the same who made the game, but under the Ghost Games name.

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Seeing as most of the questions have been answered thoroughly, I thought that I would add to a couple.

6. As mentioned all drivers are provided with two types of dry tires, both of which must be used in a dry race. If a team at any point in a race uses intermediate or full wet tires, they do not have to use both tire compounds.

7. The drivers microphone is imbedded in the fireproof balaclava that the drivers are wearing and is placed on the drivers lips. The microphone that records the engine sounds are, as far as i know, placed in the T-bar you can see on top if the car. It is isolated from wind noise, but there does not seem to be any specifications available.

8. If it is deemed that a driver might have gained an advantage by leaving the track, it could be by overtaking as Massa did in the Hungarian GP, the drivers often let the other driver pass again to avoid a penalty. If a driver has multiple offences of leaving the track, they usually receive a warning, and if they continue to leave the track they will most likely get a penalty.

9. Red Bull often have problems with their KERS system, especially in warm weather such as in the Hungarian GP. the fail 22 message was likely a request to the drivers to stop using their KERS to prevent overheating and damaging the car. If you watch more races you will likely notice that Mark Webber have mechanical defects more often than Sebastian Vettel, specifically Marks KERS often fails. This is probably because Mark is somewhat taller than Sebastian, and the engine compartment of the Red Bull is already pushed as far as possible thermally in Sebastians car. For example, Red Bull only use about 75% of the 80 extra horsepower that KERS allows.

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1. Team Fortress 2 - 335 hours

2. The Binding of Isaac - 285 hours

3. Skyrim - 66 hours

4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 64 hours

5. Mass Effect 2 - 45 hours

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The only game where the FOV has annoyed me was Borderlands, I just had a hard time focusing on things in that game. I also turn the FOV up in Team Fortress 2, but that is only because a larger FOV allows me to see more at the same time, not because it annoys me. I have yet to see a non first person game where I would care about the FOV at all.

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@mylifeforAiur said:

Can someone explain the 'Jeff is dead' meme to me?

Someone edited his wikipedia page to say that he was dead.

More precisely this