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Going live in a minute with Hotline Miami speedruns: http://www.twitch.tv/duke_bilgewaterDedicated to the memory of Bradus T. Humungous

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@pingwun: Your story is inspiring and I hope you're able to help WVCH, duder. If you need any help with setting up your stream, feel free to ask for help. I've (somewhat) successfully streamed with less than .3MB/s upload, so hopefully I can offer some advice beyond the obvious "lower your audio / video bitrate and downscale more".

Ian finished his Majora's Mask playthrough this morning after 25-odd hours. It was a fun watch, and super snug. Looking forward to more streams showing up, even though I don't have much money to donate myself.

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Awesome work throwing this together, this makes it really easy to find everyone. I had no idea about the multi-stream site until last night, but it's great for finding people who are streaming leading up to the event.

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I'm really enjoying Lovely Planet. The difficulty curve caught me off guard at first, but working my way through the tougher levels and trying to 100% the game has been a blast.

Shovel Knight and Heavy Bullets are both good as well, but SK has a severe lack of difficulty that made it a little bit boring for me. Even NG+ isn't that bad.

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@dwigtk: Thanks for the link, I have no idea how I didn't see this. Remade the buttons using their Extra Life's own text, and fixed the poor cropping. Comes in Tropical Blueberry and Sub-Saharan Cherry:

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@dwigtk: Same, since I stream all the time anyhow.

Here are a few flavors of of button. I would have used their logo's text, but I didn't feel like fiddling with the transparency. These are pretty simple and not too pretty, but they should get the job done.

(I just realized that there's a little bit of white on the left side of all of these, but if you want to use them you can crop that out easily.)

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When I can find the time to throw one together, I'll make a simple graphic that people can put on their Twitch pages to link to Extra Life or the Giant Bomb team and post it in this thread. It's a really easy to draw attention to the charity.

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There's never enough strafe jumping Too bad the funding goal is so high, I'd really like to see this game get made and see the Quake Live community get its hands on it.

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I recommend playing through Outlast without using the flashlight at all. It's pretty spooky up until you get stuck in the courtyard for 2 hours because you fell off a ledge.

I'm planning to play through (as much as you can play "through" them) all of Cactus' games around a little bit before Halloween, though.

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I don't come to the forums that often, but I saw this today while I was browsing them. Good timing. I signed up for Extra Life since I already stream a lot and have past experience with raising money for charity through streaming; anything to make streaming a little more meaningful. I usually stream speedrunning content, so I'm live all the time grinding out runs. I'm also working through my backlog all the time, usually on stream. I'll try to think of something fun to do for the 24-hour stream on the 25th, too.

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