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@dystopiax: I think that the reason that a lot of new accounts upvoted the post that I made on Reddit is because that the speedrunners I associate with explicitly do not post on Reddit - myself included. The only reason I had an account to begin with was because I had to correct some misinformation about a speedrun record that was being discussed on the site. I understand why the Reddit mod did what he did, but I disagree with it.

@gaspower: People have been complaining about Horror's lack of professionalism for months, and all criticism has been ignored. He's made decisions over and over that indicate that he doesn't do the research necessary for his job, and holds double standards. The joke made at Horror's expense was made based on information that he himself had made public multiple times through Twitter and Twitch chat, there was no reason for him to interpret it as "hate speech". That said, both sides made mistakes. I think that there were a lot of hateful things said towards Horror, and I wish that the issue of his behavior as an administrator could have been discussed in a more mature way (I actually still have a formal letter I was writing about it that I was going to send in; I don't think it's appropriate anymore, coming from me). The tension blew up all at once after the initial bans, though.

That said, I doubt they'll do anything to Horror. After 24 hours, they changed my IP ban to an account suspension - I was told it would be lifted within seven days in an e-mail; shortly thereafter, I was unbanned by a higher-up. I think that once this started spreading outside of Twitch, they went into damage control mode by unbanning Werster and I.

And something that was brought up by Brodehouse: Horror is a paid employee of Twitch, and its head administrator; the speedrunners who were banned are just random Internet shitters with no professional responsibilities. Frame his actions with this in mind.

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@dystopiax: Chris92 is a Twitch administrator; it's listed on his profiles on Twitch and Twitter, and he has an administrator badge on Twitch. That said, a Reddit mod said that they took down the initial topic on this issue before being contacted by Chris92, and that he contacted them after telling them to delete the threads (as far as I know, none of them were deleted, but rather from the front page). Those early threads were linked in IRC because they were pertinent to current events in the speedrunning community; I don't use Reddit, so I don't understand their rules on this issue, but I see nothing wrong with a link being passed around a community passively - not as some sort of crusade - if it concerns them. Personally, I'm just a little disappointed that the longer this is going on, the more muddled the information is becoming.

By the way, what the hell is a witch-hunt and why does it seem to be in everyone's vocabulary all of a sudden?

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Hi duders, it seems that there's misinformation spreading about this issue. If anyone actually cares to know what happened and why, instead of spending time speculating about "sexual harassment" and emoticons, here are two pastebins. One was written to another administrator as a means of clarifying what had happened leading up to this, and another was written when I found out that Twitch had asked /r/gaming moderators to censor discussion of this issue on their forum (it was posted and also censored within 10 minutes for "vote-cheating"):



I wouldn't trust a lot of what you're hearing through sites like Reddit and Twitter. Take what you hear with a grain of salt.It's unfortunate that Peaches, Cruxit, and several users are still banned; hopefully their bans are lifted within the week.

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I think the gaming media is over-reacting to this. In the context of the game, the "rape" is staged - it's a scene in a snuff film based on the events of the first game - and it doesn't even occur. In the same demo, you and the Fans beat a drugged man to death as he asks you what's happening to him; I haven't heard any of the editorials about this controversy pointing out the parallel between the two events. I'm actually happy that this is in the game, because it's a challenge to how oversensitive the gaming industry and some gamers are to these things; it's not a meaningless scene meant to incite controversy for the sake of controversy.

I heard the developers say that the original Hotline Miami was conceived as an experiment concerning hyper-violence in media. The game pulled no punches about perpetrating violence for the sake of violence, and it was praised by some gaming media sites for its unabashed brutality. We glorify violence and don't think twice about it, except for when we justify it in video games. The rape scene is there to make you think about that by drawing a parallel between to the two kinds of violence and how they're treating in the gaming industry, it's not there to offend you.

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'Sup duders, didn't think to come here until it was too late. Much love for all the donations in memory of Ryan Davis; I've been a massive fan of Giant Bomb for ages and every time I hear a donation made in his memory read it makes me smile on the inside knowing that so many people care about him.

I hope you're all enjoying SGDQ, and hopefully my run wasn't too choke-tastic. Make sure you guys watch the block starting with TMNT tomorrow, it's going to be insane.

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Hello duders, /vg/'s speedrunning community is holding a speedrunning marathon for the next few days. If you enjoy speedruns and events like AGDQ, come watch some people going fast and breaking games:

Page: http://www.twitch.tv/SRGMarathon

Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aj6MbKAHQfv2dHVCMm9wSThVczFYQ0FFY3BJOGZqRXc#gid=0

Thought I'd post this here since GB has been taking a weird interest in speedruns lately

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Seconding this, this is an amazing "speedrun". The actual run itself is awesome too.