Who else bought Bulletstorm just for the Gears beta?

So I went out and spent 60 bucks just to get into the Gears 3 beta...  I was mildly interested in Bulletstorm but was torn between it and Killzone 3 so I decided to just not get either and continue playing Starcraft II.  But when I found out that exclusive shit would be awarded to players in the beta I just had to go out and get it so that I am gaurenteed access to the gears beta!  I also got my moneys worth sense Best Buy has a deal where if you buy the epic edition you get the Gears of War triple pack for 5 bucks. 
Bulletstorm looks like an alright enough game and I love how over the top it looks.  I just don't care much for the repetitive just better your own personal score gameplay.  But if I decide to open it before April maybe I will be impressed.  Anyone else pick up the game mainly for the Gears beta?


Will the PS3's security problems ruin Killzone 3's multiplayer?

So I am not really sure what game to pick up on Feb. 22nd.  On one hand I have Bulletstorm which I would get for the 360 and then there is Killzone 3.  I really want to get Killzone 3 because I would much rather play a competitive shooter than a co-op one.
But with all the news about how fucked up the PSN is with hackers and what not I'm not sure if its such a good idea.  So does someone know something I don't? Has Sony already fixed the problem? Because I don't want to drop 60 bucks just to have my game over run with hackers.


I hope L.A. Noire turns out better than The Getaway

 So with the release date announced and a new trailer released what are you guys thinking? I cant wait for this game but there are a few things bothering me about it.
 The thing is that they have not shown us any of the gameplay, and for a game that's coming out in about four months that's fairly strange. I'm hoping this game does well but as of right now I am worried that it will be like 2003's The Getaway. Which was a beautiful game at the time especially compared to GTA III, but lacked in the gameplay department. This could very well happen again since Team Bondi is actually made up of ex Team Soho developers including the former Director of Development.
 I guess we will have to wait and see. Honestly I am not to worried because I actually enjoyed The Getaway very much regardless of flaws. The game just could have been that much better. 


Dead Space 2 is making me poop my pants! (no spoilers)

Man oh man, so I just got done playing Dead Space 2 for five straight hours and I think its time to crash.  That game is seriously awesome.  I really feel like its the type of game that must be played at night with the volume turned all the way up. The core game play is about the same with a few tweaks here and there.  One big change that I noticed was that zero gravity seemed a lot less disorienting.  But the games sound and visuals are absolutely amazing and they have blown me away.
I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi horror flicks like Alien and Event Horizon and you can tell the developers took some inspiration from those films.  I haven't played a survival horror game this good since the original Silent Hill and its safe to say that I will be playing the shit out of this game.  I gotta S rank it.
I dunno about the multiplayer though.  I havent tried it, but it just sounds so fucking dumb.  Dead Space works well as a single player game and trying to turn it into something its not just seems like a mistake.


Bitch of the group Pt.1

Every group of friends has at least one bitch.  The one friend whos reactions are so insane that they fuel the fire for more jokes at their expense.  My friends and I have tons of stories about ours.  As he has gotten older his reactions are not as crazy anymore but when this particular event happened he was an insane mother fucker.  He was about 15 years old and at a friends birthday party.  After getting hit in the head with a pillow he just lost it.  Got any stories about the bitch in your group?


Killzone 2 has lived up the hype imo

I got killzone 2 on launch day and I think they game is awesome.  I had to wait for the game to come in the mail since my gf got it for me on amazon for valentines day and It did not come til about 3.  The first thing I did was log onto the multiplayer and it is hands down the most fun thing about the game.  The multiplayer runs extreamly well, much better than almost every other playstation network game and the gameplay seems well balanced.  The single player is good but I have not spent much time in it.  One big problem I noticed was the fact that my friendly AI are a bunch of idiots.  I am playing on the hard difficulty and while the enemys are very good at finding cover my friendls run and charge them like the game is on easy.  The single player still feels very epic though and it really makes me want to play the first.  At the moment I am extreamly impressed with the game and I think people should realize what a great game it is and stop hating.


Because of Far Cry 2 I am going to Africa.

A few days ago when I was playing Far cry 2 my father walked in and took an interest in what I was doing.  When he asked what I was doing I told him I was "Shooting Africans because I was told it would make a peaceful Africa".  I meant this as a joke of course but my father took it very seriously and went on a rant about the problems in Africa and that I should go.  I shrugged the conversation off and continued to shoot people in Africa for no reason at all.  The next day my Father came back and said he was serious and that he was talking to my uncle about taking me to Africa.  My uncle is the President of Food For the Hungry.  A non profit organization that helps people in Africa.  My uncle is a very religious man and the organization is a christian one so one of the things they do is try and spread the religion as well.  I guess it would not be so bad.  I would not go anywhere dangerous but I could not stop thinking about the new Rambo movie the entire time he was talking about it.  I can just see my ass getting murdered, Rambo Style.



I have had my PS3 for about a year and in that time I never downloaded any of the casual games on the PlayStation store.  Probably because I would rather be playing something else or because I just don't like casual games that much.  I would much rather be playing TF2 on my PC then bejeweled on my PS3.  But yesterday I read the news post about how Jeff downloaded a brick breaking game similar to arkanoid and that he though it was pretty rad.  I was like "Hey, I like arkanoid and I have nothing else to play".  So I gave it a shot and I must say that I LOVE IT!  It is such a good idea that it amazes me that noone thought of it before.  Its so much more awsome to see brick towers being blown to pieces by a meteor power up then a ball just bouncing around on the screen.  I wish that I bought it instead of the joke that is called Farcry 2 and saved myself forty bucks.  I am 100% sure that it will keep my interest until Killzone 2.  Sadly when Killzone 2 comes out about everything including Magic ball is getting put aside.

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