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Meh, I like it better being a series that was overlooked and under-rated.  It means not every series has been beaten to death.  You know a 3rd game would only disappoint and sour the memories of the past games anyway.  As a Breath of Fire series fan I wish they stopped at IV, sometimes more isn't better and a series should pass into history with some dignity.

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@mutha3: Game reviews - especially by "professionals" - are worthless, they have no connection to how the average game player plays, buys, or values the games they play.  At best they're only good to provide details about any technical faults or gross misrepresentation in the games marketing.  They rarely have any kind of journalism schooling, and at best they majored in English at some party college.
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The Samurai series - now known as "Way of the Samurai" - pretty much did this to an extent.  It started off like some form of Groundhog Day where you had two days to play through the game then played it again doing things differently to see how many paths you could take.  Sort of like Majora's Mask or the Dead Rising games, you can't do everything in one playthrough, you just do what you feel is how you want the game to be.
Kengo focused on the swordplay, in the early games you never left the dojo, but recently it included some story elements.
The Yakuza game we never got is pretty much Yakuza set in the Edo period, but unless Sega thinks enough people would buy it here, it's import only and will be a chore to play unless you don't mind sitting through hours of untranslated conversations that series is known for.
I'd go with the Way of the Samurai games and maybe Yakuza 3 1/2 if you were ready to tackle an import.

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The game is also a bit more cinematic. Slight spoiler ahead. In the first level, you already encounter one of the tall robots (called Hectors for some reason) but they are much more cinematic to fight now. The way they animate and behave is much better than 2017, though they don't twist and turn their bodies when they're shot. =(

This is what I was looking for.  Until I read that the game looked like it was only bugs, and since it's called Insect Armageddon it only fuels that idea.  I'll pick it up when it gets cheaper, the fact that Sandlot didn't develop it means they don't get my money anyway, so used is fine.
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I'm kinda surprised to see Brink do that well. The general reaction to that one seemed like one big "meh." Kudos to to the L.A. Noire team. It's a lovingly made, atypical game that deserves success.

Brink was unfortunately a marketing "success" in that it got all the people who don't read reviews hyped up for it due to all the pre-order bullshit, and every place even remotely related to video games being plastered with it's admittedly eye-catching promotional art.
Although believe it or not people do actually enjoy games that are viewed luke-warm by the game press, especially when that press gets games for free and only has to play it for an hour or two after going on to the next free game.  When you've spent $60 of your money on a game that may not be the big game you hoped it would be, you can still make the most of it and enjoy it for what it offers, it's what people did before the days of trade-ins and game reviews.
It also marks one of the disconnects that the game press has.  Their lifestyle and how they get/play games is so far removed from the average game player, that it's hard to really consider what their opinion of a game is compared to yours given how much difference there is.  If you got every game that came out for free and got paid to play them, it would be a whole lot easier to shit on a game that wasn't great, even though if you had bought that game with a substantial part of your weekly salary you might be more forgiving and try to get the most out of it you could.
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Internet culture and posturing to set oneself above everything and everyone makes basing any kind of accurate model on what the "people" really think about anything a fool's errand.  Both the Wii and Kinect proved that money talks and bullshit walks.

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Pretty much means next E3 is where we get to see what it really does, maybe TGS.

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The Gamecube was actually superior to the competition, that didn't help it in the least.  Unless Nintendo changes how it deals with third parties and acknowledges how people actually use the internet to play multiplayer games, no fancy controller or modern graphics will make a difference if that doesn't change.

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They could also be resurfaced.  Game shops used to regularly resurface trade-ins removing the black dye layer.

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Thing is, it's something that the PS3 and PSP/Vita could do now, and something that MS could throw together in a few months.  While the idea goes back to the GBA and GC connectivity regarding Nintendo's original idea, it's nowhere near the leap that Wii's motion controls were.
And for the HD graphics of it, it's already obsolete.  By the time it comes out we will already be looking at the new platforms from Sony and MS.  Until we see specs and just how powerful the console is, It's got Gamecube 2.0 written all over it.