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" Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 
Quote from story :  

 Krome Studios, the Australian developer behind Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and more recently the Xbox 360's Game Room, has shut down, online reports are suggesting.    

 It now appears the remaining staff at Krome's Brisbane and Melbourne offices have been let go, with both studios to then close their doors first thing Monday morning. A handful of developers will then reportedly be re-hired as contractors to complete Krome's remaining projects.
   Let's hope they get someone else, hopefully more capable to run gameroom rather than just shutting it down and we keep getting our quick looks. 
Link "
What the fuck is this supposed to mean? More capable? What exactly do you think the holdup on significant Gameroom content is or is the busted avatar bug a dealbreaker for you or something? Of all the dumb crap to spout this is pretty close to taking the cake. "
Game Rooms issues were 100% bad management.  I'm betting that these Krome guys were left with very little direction and had to work on whatever they were given.  Things like funky avatar stuff are likely on the back end of the avatar code and something they had little to no control over without the tools from MS to address it.  The number one problem was a lack of direction in the games they would put out and the small amount of companies they had to pull content from.  It's true there's no shortage of 2600 or intellivision games, but that doesn't mean you make it the focus of the project and sell games for $3-$5 that aren't worth more than a few tokens most will spend to play a trial version of.  
The biggest issue is the difficulty and resources involved in securing deals with companies that own the rights to these games.  Data East for example doesn't exist anymore, so they have to talk to G-Mode and convince them to sign a deal, one that might conflict with their own plans on making money off the Data East games they port to phones and the Virtual Console.  Same thing with Taito, who is owned by Square.  Then there's Midway and Williams, that's all screwed up now.  Capcom seems to be trying stuff on their own with the various collections as well as Sega, SNK and Namco.  We're starting to run out of arcade companies left with more than one or two big hits.  The Virtual Console is also a big problem since it is obviously handled far better and has the backing of far more companies - which may also include exclusivity barring them from putting out stuff on other services.  Especially in Japan where VC has way more arcade titles than the Western store.
At the end of the day it's a problem of competing with free emulation.  It's doable if you make the front end attractive and enjoyable with incentives to play for rewards, and the convenience of playing on your TV with a good controller makes paying a few bucks for a game worth it over playing a free rom of questionable legality on your PC with a keyboard.  The problem comes when your front end loses it's luster with buggy crap and poor design choices (the control mapping for some games is insane) and the variety of games is limited to a specific era of really old games.  I'm left wanting to play games from the mid 80s like Bad Dudes, Rastan, Dig Dug, Darius and so-on, and many of those are either on other outlets or only available via emulation.  It's clear that lately Game Room started to find a niche and was continually putting out some really obscure games that even veterans of that time didn't remember, making Game Room a repository of long lost games.  It's pretty crazy seeing intellivision games from fucking 1990, and nowhere were you going to see that other than Game Room.
I hope that perhaps another developer gets to work on Game Room.  Maybe Backbone with its experience in emulation and being a little more close to home than Australia will step in.  I'd like to see Game Room continue, it's a great idea and deserves to be what it could become if it had the proper management.
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It really doesn't make sense given that the new film comes out next year and the game would be ready to release alongside it with plenty of time to polish it up.  I'm just wondering if it's not canceled but being retrofitted to tie-in to the film.  So technically this game is canceled but what it turns into is the new game.  It's happened before where a project gets scrapped then comes back later with a new name.  Deus Ex: Clan Wars was canned, then came back as Project Snowblind.

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Sounds a little too close to the recent announcement that WoW was increasing the limit of a guild to 1000.  Maybe a translation issue or crossed communication.
I could see XBL adding a new kind of account level for celebrities and media to allow for larger numbers, like a VIP or Professional level.

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" I really give a fuck if Gearbox gives consent to something they have no right to consent on. Anyway, looks pretty cool "

They actually do have a right because they now own Duke Nukem and could sue them if they so desired.  Especially when you consider it will be competing with their retail game at some point, and it will be free, so Gearbox has proven to have balls of steel to let them go ahead and do it.
Not like when EA killed a fan remake of System Shock 2 only because they might one day decide to return to that franchise.
It might end up being something like Valve and the various HL mod teams, recognizing talent and bringing them in to release the game.
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None of them.  They'll do well, but at this point the hype has become bigger than the games.  People are talking about them who have never even played a game in their respective series.  And games like GT5 and FF have a built-in fanbase of sheep that buy anything that comes out with the name on it, while Duke is in a worse place since the last game is from a time where many weren't playing games then or at least on PC at the time.  Duke also comes off really lame to people who don't know his history or get the joke of how kitschy he is, he's like a Chuck Norris joke to them.
While Gearbox has the balls (of steel) to make DNF a reality, I'm getting a very Daikatana-esque vibe from it.  The only saving grace is it might get by on nostalgia like the recent Street Fighter and MK resurgence.

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@Chubbaluphigous: Make an MMO about the Warhammer people like.
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@spacekatgal: Maybe you should go eat some pizzas and start looking like a woman.
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@FuzzYLemoN said:

" If it tilts from vertical to horizontal and has the blue laser sights, we may have a winner here. "

I'm sure someone will mod one to do that and it will make for a fine Kotaku story, but pack-in things like this tend to be made as cheaply as possible and do nothing but look good.  At the very most it will make sounds.
EDIT: Now that I've seen a closer image of it, there appear to be LEDs on it, and there is a clear space in the middle of it where it could be made to rotate the front half.  It does remind me of a Nerf gun mod though.
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Too Human tanked big-time, I think the boat sailed on the proposed trilogy before the game even shipped given the delays and bullshit that spouted from the head of the company (Denis Dyak) as he was diverting attention from his game tanking by coming up with out-of-nowhere nonsense about a one console world and other nonsense.
As for the last few years, probably restructuring the studio and starting on this X-men game.  Work usually begins on a game a good year or so before it gets announced, in that time it starts to gel and become an actual game.  Otherwise you're announcing an idea that may very well be nothing and take 2-3 more years to come out.
So basically, all of the above.  Since I don't think many people give a shit about what they do or the fact that they even exist.  SK was never a huge studio that millions followed.  Eternal Darkness was a niche title, Twin Snakes was a port, and Too Human was arguably their biggest project that was either going to make or break them as a standout developer - and it broke them.

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I want to be excited for it but man these games age poorly.  Even the great Final Fight and Double Dragon (whom all of these games come from) are barely playable for more than one sitting.  These were built to eat quarters and make you die every 30 seconds to feed it.
I played Nightcrawler, his kick flip could be done to make it so you never got hit, and Wolverine was crap since his health didn't regenerate, so I didn't play him on principal.