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Bleem! yo, that shit is mad old.  At one time they even had Bleemcast! where you could play PS1 games on the Dreamcast, MADNESS!

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Start off with a free MMO to see what it's like.  You can do a trial of the big ones, or go for a fully free one like Lord of the Rings.  FF14 is very grindy and not noob friendly at all, in fact the people who were playing FF11 didn't like it compared to the old game.

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It has always been centered on value for money and the fact that the majority of people have one console, so they feel the need to defend or validate their decision with chest-thumping or running down the competition.  No one wants to be the guy that bought the "wrong" system and be the butt of jokes among others who bought the "better" one.

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@jmrwacko:  My issue with these is that they are on sites where you are registered and you have given your age already.  So a place like Giant Bomb or any other should be able to make it so your account can allow those videos to play automatically or to not show them at all based on your age listed in your account profile.
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Blood Will Tell for the PS2.  It was a very unique game and long as Hell.  Often I think about picking it up again but then I remember how long and boring it was between the good parts.
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Most series from prior to 1998 fit these.  Look there.  The only thing in your description that is odd is philosophy, since that's a very subjective thing.  The most horrible hentai anime has a philosophy, it's just a screwed up one.
Most anime last one season, it's the rare exceptions that last longer, and even more rare that they actually needed the extra seasons to tell a story instead of an excuse to keep it going for profit.

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I'm sort of inhabiting Minecraft now, since that's basically what you do in it.

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60 gig.  Hot and fat, just like how I like my women.

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The Turbo/PC-Engine was no less a failure than the Dreamcast and Saturn, so your logic is already flawed.  The PC-Engine lasted longer than both consoles combined in Japan.

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Someone tell Trip Hawkins they went and made the 4DO without him.