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@cuzintheboss: This is what they need.  We hear them talk all year long, I want to hear about how hard it is to get things done from a developer's perspective or how the team feels when a year's work is thought of as nothing by the dudes in the audience who have no idea how much work goes into the interface or infrastructure of Live.
Alex continually dropping working at harmonix at every opportunity was fucking sad, especially when he was nothing but a community manager - essentially a paid forum mod.
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Another Quick Look where they seem to be bothered to play the game and do nothing but rag on it.  Jeff seems to be back to his Kane and Lynch attitude where he shits on everything that isn't exactly what he likes and his army of yes men follow along.  At this point just stop doing Quick Looks and go do whatever it is you obviously want to be doing instead.  Do you have someone watch these before posting them?  After a Quick Look like this where you say nothing positive and see how you literally say you don't care about how the game plays, the fact you allow it to be posted is unprofessional and does a disservice to the game, the audience and your credibility.   

I realize the site is about being too cool to give a shit about things like objective opinions or what someone who doesn't play more than a dozen games a year might get out of a title compared to a jaded reviewer that has played hundreds of games in their lifetime and hates everything that isn't new or to their specific tastes.  The overall attitude and enthusiasm of the staff these last few months has really brought down the quality of the coverage and has me asking why they they keep doing what they apparently don't like to do anymore.  Too much snarkiness and not enough old-fashioned game coverage.  The game isn't great, we get it, but at least be respectful and point out the interesting bits and illustrate how it plays without adding how you really could care less.  You'd be better off just stopping a few minutes in and not doing a Quick Look at all.
I realize you're all now "old men" in an industry that is centered on the 14-25 demographic, you feel like you need to be extra angsty to fit in to a generation you're not part of, that hating on everything and acting blase about the next "big" game is what is expected from the internet generation.  Being 36 myself I've realized you just look like a fool trying to do so.  Like a dad at his kid's school using terms like fresh or sweet, a decade after they were out of fashion.  Instead of trying to lower your standards to reach the dipshit generation, maintain your dignity and set an example for what game coverage should be.  Anyone can play a game and talk shit about it on Youtube, use your years of experience to compare and contrast and point out why a game is or isn't good, while also remembering that people play games to have fun - even when it's mindless and generic.  Shit, Dynasty Warriors is still a thing, if that doesn't show you what people will play then you don't really understand the audience.

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While looking for a job I've seen several games mentioned in job postings, but they've been pretty easy guesses when you consider what they're known for doing.  Basically, more of the same with a bigger number at the end.

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One of the best examples of what the Saturn was designed to do.  Unfortunately 3D was where the industry was headed and that was something the Saturn was not designed to do well.

One less reason to keep my Saturn handy, but until they get around to a Panzer Dragoon HD collection I'll still keep it for those games.

I imported this game when it came out in Japan, then bought it again when it came to the US, it's that good.

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As if playing SWG for a month in 2003 was punishment enough, now this.

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@LackLuster: The trick when an opponent is playing cheap, is to play cheap as well.  That means lame jump kicks, endless projectiles, constant teleports, and the inevitable timeout win.  Remember that while they are overpowered and have bullshit moves that can't be blocked and do 50%+ damage, that's all they have and are actually pretty weak against hit and run tactics.
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Maybe back when Midway and Epic were together and we had MK dudes in UT we would have seen Fenix in a Stryker-esque role with a chainsaw fatality, but since MK is alone in NetherRealm, the chances were pretty low.  Frankly, Kratos works well for MK, the 360 options are kind of slim, although Alan Wake or Banjo Kazooie would be a trip.

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Spend your money on Toy Soldiers, it's on sale on XBLA and is a much better "indie" game that does new things than a rote hack n slash throwback.

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Another 5 hour game for $50, I'll pass and wait til Valve gives it away like the first one.

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All the more reason to go with a new Legends game.