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Phalanx Box Art, Front (Large).
Nuff said
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" Gary Glitter just canceled his Pre-order. "

Wow, with the passing of Michael Jackson we're left with Gary Glitter as the go-to celeb for pederast humor.
I'm sure Japan will embrace this technology with dozens of games involving molestation of girls, so the spirit of Milo will live on.
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SF4 was on clearance at most outlets selling the game fairly soon after it came out on PC.  I saw it for the same price as the Steam sale of $9.99, which makes me think that it didn't really sell all that well on PC anyway, which is a shame since it is the superior version of the game.

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"  I've had my Live account for 3 years and I've had it with Microsoft leaching off of everything. Wanna watch a music video?- 200 microsoft points. Wanna download songs from Rock Band 1 to Rock Band 2? -400 microsoft points. I already bought both games. You got to be freaking kidding me.Wanna put Boba Fett's mask on your avatar?- 200 microsoft points. Wanna upgrade your hardrive? $100 for 120Gig that should cost you $30. Now we're gonna get to pay for Hulu. Whoopededoo!! I used to be pretty excited about project Natal, but I started thinking about how Msoft has supported the 360 and we see the reason why the Wii and the DS are successes. Nintendo's philosophy isn't to leach off of otherwise free content for profits; they provide a unique gaming experience and support it with great inhouse game development. Take note microsoft, your about to lose one customer.   "

Most of that stuff was due to your decision to buy it, the Rock Band thing was on Harmonix/EA, not MS, the Hulu thing is related to Hulu trying to make money for once, not MS.
So the only real grounds you have is the accessories, most of which are now built into the new model.  So early adopters have always suffered the brunt of progress and cheaper manufacturing costs over time.  I've had my live account for 6 years, I paid $400 for my 360 in 2005, with a crummy 40gig hdd, no wifi, and two trips to MS for repairs.  Cry me a river over stupid shit like avatar helmets.  It's cheaper now to buy a better piece of hardware with more features, that's progress.
These damn companies that want to make money.
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I think I have no less than 3 copies of Alien Crush for the TG16, but it's because one came with my Turbo Duo, one came with my TurboExpress, and I have no idea where the 3rd came from.
I bought quite a few games on VC that I own physical copies of, it just happens to be easier to play them on a Wii then digging up my old consoles.  A few I own in various collections as well on different platforms, mostly Neo Geo and Genesis games.
I've bought a game, sold it, then bought it again a few times.  Once I think I bought/sold/bought/sold/bought the first Castlevania game.  Thankfully these services like Steam, VC, and the others make buying a game a one time deal.
I did manage to buy Ico twice, but it was only because I had forgotten if I had sold it or not since I couldn't find it, then I did - and now it looks l'll be buying it a 3rd time.

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I've used PayPal for most of it's life, going back to before Ebay bought them, and used it for buying, selling, recurring charges, set up a cottage industry and took orders through it.  I've probably sent hundreds of thousands of Dollars through it over that time, all with zero problems.
I've heard horror stories about terrorists using it as an offshore account, buyers using it to bilk goods for free by declaring the seller a fraud, and dudeds using it as a secret account to keep money away from their significant other.  While that's all true, it's no different than any other offshore account one might use for the same reasons.  It's just a "ghetto" version of one that small-timers can use with zero paperwork.
This guy should have set up a legitimate deal with an online shopping cart system if he was serious about going into business.  Paypal might be the easy option for a fast way to set up a method to get paid for a service, but if you're dealing with anything that's going to generate more than a few thousand Dollars over a short period of time then you run the risk of the PayPal Police hitting you with the inspection tag.
Of course the news story will never run when it blows over and he gets paid after the initial inspection turns up nothing.  It's PayPal actually doing their job and making sure a sudden large influx of funds to an account that normally was doing a tiny fraction of that before is doing so legitimately.
PayPal is required to follow the same regulations that banks and other financial institutions do regarding possible laundering and terrorist funding activities,  They are not a Bank, but they are a holding company that is regulated by the same bodies, and subject to the same laws.
Basically the guy using a personal account he probably used for everyday shit as his business account is what got him this, so it's actually his fault.
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Waiting for Herzog Drei.

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This is where I wanted this game to go all along, nice to see the ideas about kids playing with toys of different eras is being utilized and not just made as a new game with a different setting.

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Insert the mandatory System Shock 2 reference here.
The first FEAR game had it's moments.
Condemned is pretty creepy, although it shares some of the FEAR aspects.
Clive Barker's Undying if you can find it and don't mind some dated graphics.
Manhunt has some nerve-wracking parts, but I'm not sure if "scary" fits it.
Dead Space, although it really just steals from System Shock 2 in many ways.
It also depends on what scary means to you.  I tend to be creeped out by large empty spaces, especially buildings and places where there normally lots of people.  My friend works at Disneyland and once I was able to go there after the park closed, it went from the happiest place on Earth to the creepiest.  So a game like STALKER is really creepy to me, especially when you throw in the odd paranormal stuff inside the empty buildings.  I've had major douchechills and standing hairs playing that game.