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" we have seen rapid declines in the music genre "

Maybe their music genre. "
Rock Band hasn't exactly been doing nearly as well as it used to either.  Did you miss that Harmonix was unloaded by Viacom for practically nothing a month ago due to poor revenue?  The music genre is all but dead, and while RB was the white hat of the battle, the sheer amount of glut of music games from all parties is what turned everyone off.  The biggest problem was that after six years of music games, the gameplay was still the same, even with the additions and improvements you were still watching a rainbow highway and matching colors.
I think everyone suddenly realized it was cheaper to play air instruments and listen to an MP3 of their favorite songs instead of spending hundreds of dollars on the game and only liking 1/4 of the songs.
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" I can't imagine that Activision is planning a subscription-based COD. Console gamers in general don't tend to go for online-only games in large numbers and a huge portion of COD's audience is too young to own a credit card."
I think you're being a little naive about kids with credit cards, they get their folks to do it for them.  Subscriptions for something like CoD have been discussed before, and it actually makes sense considering the sheer number of people playing them.  Going for a package deal of something like $5 a month for a map every odd month and a weapon or perk every even month.
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JC Denton sounded like someone in a boy band.  Then you realized JC was meant to symbolize Jesus Christ, mind blown.

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If you want planes go play HAWX, the only aircraft in BF worth a damn are choppers and UAVs.
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Didn't really plan to buy it anyway.  One game was enough, and I'd rather they moved on to another franchise like Trojan or Black Tiger.

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" aint no thing.  I hear its Killzone 2 with tighter controls (i'll find out tonight when I d/l the MP demo) so that means its good to go for me.  Wonder what Bulletstorm is gonna get tho.  "Awful story"...that's a shame but Killzone 2 didn't have much of anything either.  Surprised tho since it seems like the devs had focused more on that this time around. "
Killzone has never been anything beyond mediocre.  The only thing that makes it appealing is the fantastic art design, the graphics they get out of the console, and the way they made multiplayer dynamic with the changing game types mid-session.  Kotaku has a review on the Move support and actually gives it a good recommendation, making the idea of Move-enabled FPS games more appealing.
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I don't really have a problem with them offering this stuff, my issue is with the amount of information in the description of the shop.  It tells you nothing about what it is you're getting for your $5, and that's bullshit.  The packs for the first game had such information, but this is downright actionable asking people to buy this.

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Way to alienate the people that supported them by making all the new DLC for only RB3.

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It will likely be the price of the highest-end iphone or even ipad territory.  Sony has a history of flooring people with insane prices on new hardware, going back to the original PSP.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were $400-$500.
It does look nice though, although the issue remains that playing console quality games on a portable isn't fun, something they should have learned from the last go around.  Portable gaming is about short bursts of play that you can start and stop and don't need or care to devote your full attention to playing.  It's why the DS did so well, because it offered games that you couldn't and necessarily wouldn't play on a console.  It's also why the PSP did so poorly, because it was trying to sell detailed console games that required your full attention and were hours long.  I don't want Metal Gear on a portable, I want fun little games that I can turn off at a moments notice and not care if I lost my progress.

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At least the soundtrack is on a CD, my AC: Brotherhood soundtrack is on some bullshit Bluray bonus disc that is only playable on the PS3, making the idea of listening to it elsewhere impossible without serious hacking or ghetto recording.
I got he CE and was disappointed that the cutter wasn't 1:1.  They should have stated that it was 1:2 scale or just made a deal with Nerf to make it (they have a deal with Nerf too btw).  It's not a deal breaker since the CD and all the crap the PS3 version gets (along with my retailer exclusive) makes the extra $20 worth it.
Besides, it gives me a reason to build my own.