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There are other game podcasts?

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Old news is old.

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Alan Wake is a great little game and if you're someone that doesn't play many games, it might be your game of the year.  It's a personal preference and entirely subjective based on the games they play and what they look for in them.  Just like some people are saying Pac Man CE DX is a contender or how some consider Black Ops one, if you don't like FPS games or really like how a 30 year old game can be revised into a wickedly fresh take on the original, then that's how you come to that decision.
Alan Wake suffered from coming out on one platform, the same day as Red Dead and was considered vaporware for much of its development time - all while being in the shadow of Max Payne and ending up being a relatively limited shooter with some great atmosphere and a confusing story.   It's not a perfect game and it could have been a little more interesting if they kept the open world design it originally had.  Ironically Deadly Premonition was much more how Alan Wake was going to be, only without all the crazy of Swery.
I've said before if Alan Wake had more Deadly Premonition in it, it would have been a much better game.

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That 70 minutes is the load times for the first time you go there, then how long it takes to figure out how to quit.

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Meh, I still think Carbon was the better NFS fake CG people game.  Most Wanted looked like ass and had far less car customization options, and the ridiculousness of gangs racing cars for turf was much more absurd than a dude calling you up and taunting you.

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@Jayzilla said:
" $9.00 a pop for those games on the PS3 is pretty laughable. Those games were great in their time, but they should be like $2.50 each. To each his own I guess, but if you got all ten of those games for $90.00 would that feel like a good deal to you? "
It's a dollar more than the Virtual Console releases and those are straight up ROMs with nothing added.  I've got all these games via collections on other platforms and a few NEO GEO proper titles, but this adds online play and the ability to use your various arcade sticks and whatnot on the PS3 so if I cared about that it would be worth it for a few of the fighting games.
Also, some online Neo Turf Masters would be awesome.  ON THE GREEN!
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I can see Kratos in MK, he certainly has the personality for it, and if it gets a few more people to buy the game then that's a good thing.
What if they made Stryker into Solid Snake, or Rayden into Raiden?

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They probably wanted to edit down the time spent on the Spiderman table.  There also was a lot of misinformation and general lack of detail in the difference between the XBLA and PSN releases.

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At least I have this to make me feel a little better about spending $600 on a launch 60gb model.

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I liked the premise of Prototype and the ability to go anywhere and do anything it had over infamous, but it lacked the polish and precision infamous had as well as a much more convoluted story.  Here's hoping the sequel will do a little more storytelling and a lot less side-questing.