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 I starting playing this game thinking I will give this game a glowing review, because I’ve played Hot Shot games in the past, and I considered myself a fan. I thoroughly enjoyed Open Tee 1, and the PS2 games also. It had a simple and easy to understand golfing system, along with interesting characters, and even online play! Whats not to like? I started up my first match, and said “Yep, this is Hot Shots alright.” I wasn’t mistaken. Even though the last HS game I played was Open Tee, 3 years ago...

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REVIEW - Space Invaders 0

Remember Space Invaders? It was great wasn’t it? Shooting white-coloured aliens as they come closer and closer at accelerating speeds. Over and over. It was great, wasn’t it? Yeah, 30 years ago. But the year is 2008, people, and we deserve a new transformation of Space Invaders. One that will bring in young gamers but will trigger the nostolgia of old gamers. The new one is part of the 30th Anniversary for Space Invaders, and is a perfect addition to the aging series. Think of this game as the ‘...

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REVIEW - Metal Gear Solid 4 0 Gear. Two words that make hearts jump. Two words that have become synonymous with ’stealth action’ and ‘cinematic storytelling.’ With its latest installment, it has set a precedent for the latter, no doubt. But what about gameplay? Does it support the weight of one of the grandest narratives in gaming history? First things first, and I feel the need to say this: MGS4 closes every loose end the seri...

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