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Seems like all the teams have nicely decided to get rid of this FRIC suspension thing rather than argue about it.

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Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

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That was tough, Should be fun! My first fantasy league thing! Go go Massa and Kobayashi!

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This is gonna be sooooooo good!

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Anyone tried the iOS version?

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To be honest they'll probably lose money on every single one - They did it to a nice degree on Iphone 5's, Pay out more cash for them than they retail for to get them in, then charge over the odds then realise no one buys them and had to drop them all substantially.

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I happen to work for those arseholes, and the price is always stupid ridiculous before the actual release date, When Tuesday rolls around they will drop down to 38 quid. Same thing happened with the Ni No Kuni CE we we selling them for 175 quid when people got them early, then the release day happened they dropped down 90 quid. Geez calm down.

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Right, were getting somewhere! With the other drive disabled, AHCI re-enabled, Its let me delete both partitions! Now I have one big blob of unallocated space with Windows has decided is ok to install to! Yes!

So hopefully this installs fine, then I just gotta plug my TB back in and format that!

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Hey thanks for the help. Yes unfortunately the drive is second hand, But it is functional ive installed various things on there to test it out and all is fine.

Thats my disk management screen, Disk 1 is my TB drive and Disk 0 is the SSD, The 119GB section of the SSD im free to do whatever with, rename the drive letter, format and change directory paths etc, But the 200MB EFI partition I cant touch, every single option is greyed out to me - Using Windows setup allows me to format both parts of the drive but It does not give me a prompt to change the format of it and I only have the option of deleting the 119GB volume not the EFI formatted one.

I have to turn ASCI off otherwise this version of windows on my main drive wont boot, so I cant ask for help, Ill turn that back on and unplug the main TB drive and try again and report back. Thanks for the help.

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Right! Just got myself an oldish SSD for cheap, First time having one got it all installed currently, Just as a storage device in my current setup to double check it worked. Its fine, detected and I can use it.

Now comes my problem. I want to put Windows 7 on it use it as my boot drive and use my current 1TB as storage only.

Right, In my bios settings, The drive is not recognized for some reason even though it is in windows, When booting from my Windows CD, The SSD is there as an install location, Its got the reserved and main partitions of the SSD alongside the reserved and main partitions of my HDD.

But, It wont let me install to either of the SSD partitions. I get the following error messages. From the reserved partition ( I know I shouldnt do it there but I cant get anything working so I thought Id try anyway ) "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style. Windows cannot be installed to this hard disk spae. The partition is an EFI system partition (ESP)."

And from the main part of the drive I get. ""Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style."

Ive been told to change the SATA ports in my bios from IDE to AHCI, that diddnt change anything.

In disk management in windows bulk of the drive is formatted to NTFS, and the 100MB or so little partition of it is in "EFI System partition" I cant change anything with this partiton, all the options are greyed out in disk management, whereas the 111GB NTFS bit im free to do as normal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The SSD is a Crucial M225 128GB, My current HDD thats installed is a Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB and my motherboard is a Asus M4A89GTD PRO, Hope this helps.