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#1 Posted by DumlaoX (21 posts) -

@shenstra: Yes, you can use your own PS2 discs to play games on the emulator. If you're interested, do a search for PCSX2 and you should find all the info you need on emulating it.

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So far I've pre-ordered Anarchy Reigns, Dead Space 3, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, DMC: Devil May Cry, and The Last of Us. All regular edition copies. Once Christmas passes, I have a feeling I'll be starting up pre-orders for the February stuff coming out.

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I have had it since they started doing the "Instant Game Collection" thing back at E3. For me, that's when the service started to show some value. Worst case scenario, the discounts provided by the service helps the subscription pay for itself. Even though I'm more of a 360 gamer than a PS3/Vita one, I'd consider renewing the subscription as long as the offers remain strong.

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None at the moment, though I haven't looked at the unofficial stuff created by the community yet.

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Thanks for the review. From the sound of things, it'll probably be one of the better games I'll have the chance to play this year (right up there with Lumines, Dishonored, and Forza Horizon so far).

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According to the site, 1006 Trophies between my PS3 and Vita. That's a level 12 with 56% to go.

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I'm only going if I'm working very late tomorrow since I tend to shop at the GameStop near my work. No big deal if I can't get it until Tuesday seeing as how I'll probably be working enough late hours to push back any meaningful gaming until December at the earliest :P

#8 Posted by DumlaoX (21 posts) -

It's a review. Not a great one, mind you, and he is entitled to his opinions since that's his site and all. Can't say whether he's right or wrong as I don't have the game yet but I had enough fun playing multiplayer back at Comic-Con that I'm picking it up no matter what.

Worst case, he just does this to get people who look at Metacritic to look at his site. No big.

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- If that's the original developers or publishers putting it on there, then yes. There's been a rash of people using it as a place to out up troll games or as a request board so it's becoming a bit difficult to tell who's legit or not.

#10 Posted by DumlaoX (21 posts) -

I'm not even sure how things are calculated anymore. Forge, for example, had 1% about an hour ago and now it's at 0. I'm just hoping it all gets sorted out soon since the number of trolling submissions and game requests there is starting to get ridiculous.

As for highest ratings, highest one I've seen is Project Zomboid at 4%.

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